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"Up from the Basement" designates exhibitions from the Museum's collection
/ A Traveling Exhibit / A "Community Exhibition"

   2012 top

Ice Age logoFebruary 3, 2012
red dot The Ice Age on the Southern Plains.  A new long-term gallery featuring megafauna from the Pleistocene Period of prehistory like mammoths, saber-toothed cats, giant camels, short-faced bears, and dire wolves. This exhibition is from the Museum's collections and reflects the local area's distant natural history past as revealed by ongoing research activities of the Museum of TTU at the Lubbock Lake Landmark. An "Up from the Basement" exhibition.


June 16, 2012
World War II on the Southern Plains,
Lubbock Gallery. An "Up from the Basement" exhibition from the Museum's collections. Photographs from the WWII years of pertaining to the city of Lubbock.


2013 top


Talkington logoApril 5 -- Talkington Art Gallery Inaugural Exhibition
red dot AZ<>NM<>TX — 20th and 21st Century Art in Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona, Talkington Art Gallery. An "Up from the Basement" exhibition from the Museum's Art Collection. The Talkington Gallery features selections from 20th and 21st century art of the southwestern United States. This region ranges from scorching deserts, broad horizontal vistas, near bottomless canyons, rugged mountain ranges to rich but rare river valleys, in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and portions of Colorado and Utah. No one type of landscape represents the Southwest and, similarly, no singular art style defines it. The art works on exhibit sample many divergent paths that artists from the Southwest have followed, from realism to romanticism, from impressionism to expressionism, from minimalism to conceptualism, and more. All of the works on exhibit are from the collections of the Museum


July 5
red dot Gotta Catch ‘Em All—Collecting, Preserving, and Displaying Insects,
Explorium Gallery. An “Up from the Basement” exhibit from the Museum’s Natural Science Research Laboratory Invertebrates Collection.

August 2
From Numerous to Non-existent—Common, Rare, Threatened, Endangered, and Extinct Species in the Collections of the Natural Science Research Laboratory
, Gallery 5. This exhibition from the Museum's extensive collections was inspired by the past traveling exhibition RARE: Portraits of America's Endangered Species. The NSRL, a division of the Museum of TTU, maintains collections of preserved specimens for scientific research and education concerning the natural history of Texas, the United States, and many areas of the world. The exhibition affords a rare opportunity to see historical life-mounted specimens representing fauna that runs the gamut from common to extinct species the world over. All specimens in the exhibition represent historic methods of preservation no longer in common use by museums today.



February 7, 2014                                                                                Beyond Expressions in Clay. A new long term exhibition that focuses on works by Pueblo peoples of theSouthwestern United States. It showcases both traditional and innovative pottery from a range of time periods. Long-time collectorsBill and Evelyn Davies have provided the Museum with this collection of Southwestern Native American works. Many of the pieces in the new exhibition were donated to the Museum forming the Davies Collection, and some are on loan from these veteran collectors.



August 8 - November 9                                                           Expressions of Arctic Tradition Contemporary Inuit Art
. This exhibition narrates a way of life kept alive only through oralhistories passed along by the last generations of the Inuit, a nomadic and deeply spiritual culture, before stepping into the modern world. The exhibition contains 80 works consisting of stone cut, stencil, and lithographic prints, and sculptures from the late 1950s to the present.




October 3 - January 9 Gather up the Fragments: The Andrews Shaker Collection, a captivating exhibition of more than 200 Shaker objects collected over 40 years by Faith and Edward Deming Andrews. Organized by Hancock Shaker Village, toured by International Arts & Artists, Washington, D.C., and funded in part by the National Endowment for the Arts. The exhibition will be on display until January 9, 2015.








JANUARY 30 - December 20                                                                                                                           Antarctica – Pioneering American Explorations of the Frozen Continent**

APRIL 16 - July 15                                                                                                                                                      40th Annual Western Federation of Watercolor Societies Ehibition

MAY 3 - September 6                                                                                                                                                    Through the Needle's Eye (National Embroidery Exhibit)

AUGUST 7 - January 17, 2016                                                                                                                                 Ansel Adams



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