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Museum Science  Program
of Texas Tech University

Heritage Management TRACK


The conservation of cultural and natural heritage is a global issue that is crucial for societal well-being. It is also important to the tourism industry that constitutes the state and nation's fastest growing industries. It has been documented that historical, cultural and natural sites are major attractions for visitors from across the nation and around the world.

There is a shortage of suitably trained heritage management personnel, especially with an understanding of conservation's relationship with tourism. There is a disturbing lack of awareness among those who research, interpret, and protect the natural and cultural heritage of the state and nation.

Graduates of the Heritage Management track will be employed by government agencies at the local, state, regional, national, and international levels, and with private industry, consulting firms, nonprofit organizations, and educational institutions.


Students in the Heritage Management track will be eligible for all Texas Tech graduate scholarships. Due to Coordinating Board requirements, no student is exempt from tuition and fees; however, certain expenses can be adjusted or waived for institutionally identified employment or scholastic determinations. As examples: Research Assistants and Teaching Assistants receive tuition and fee considerations, and students receiving scholastic-based scholarships can benefit from a different tuition scale.

Texas Tech and the Museum are working on establishing an endowment to provide academic support (scholarships and other assistance) for students in the Museum Science Program.


Students earning a degree in Heritage Management are required to pass a written qualifying examination before beginning a thesis or internship. During the final month of enrollment the student must pass a comprehensive final written and oral examination administered by the advisory committee. The thesis (as a chosen option) represents a scholarly presentation of work performed under the guidance of the advisory committee. Guidelines for the qualifying exam, thesis, and final examination will follow those described in the Texas Tech University Graduate School catalog's Policies and Regulations section. Students opting for an internship must have approval of the host location before entering an internship agreement.

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