2015 Field Research Program

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2015 Summer Field Season.

The Lubbock Lake Landmark will offer 2 sessions this year. They are:
Session 1: May 31st through July 12th
(Roland Springs or Post)

Session 2: July 6th through August 16th
(Post or Lubbock Lake Landmark)

Join an ongoing field research program of international volunteer crews working with professional staff to conduct surveys, geoarchaeological prospecting, mapping, and excavations at the Lubbock Lake Landmark, Roland Springs Ranch, and Post research areas.

At the Lubbock Lake Landmark, the investigation focuses on uncovering stratified Paleoindian bison kill/butchering locales that date between 10,800-8,600 BP. The locales are at the edges of ponds within Yellowhouse Draw, an ancient valley in the upper Brazos River basin.

Fauna recovered at the Roland Springs Ranch locality near Snyder, Texas, has provided insights into paleoenvironments dating to perhaps as old as 2.6 million years ago (mya). Summer 2015 excavation will focus on geologic exploration and continuing to uncover extinct species that no longer exist on the Southern Plains.

At Post, both ends of the archaeological record – the Historic (1875-1879) period in Session 1 (May 31 – July 12) and the Paleoindian (11,500-8,500 B.P) period in Session 2 (July 6 – August 16) are explored. In Session 1, the research team continues the excavation of a buffalo hunters’ camp (4JK5) situated along the escarpment of the Southern High Plains. In Session 2, the field crew continues the excavation of late Pleistocene faunal remains and search for Paleoindian sites along Spring Creek.

A landscape approach forms the theoretical framework in which the regional research is conducted and places all sites within that regional context.

Although not a field school, volunteers for the Lubbock Lake Landmark regional research program gain practical experience in field methodologies using the latest in field recording technology, proper field conservation of materials, and laboratory experience in processing materials from the field.







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at Roland Springs Ranch
May 31- July 12, 2015,
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July 6 - August 16, 2015,
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May 31- August 16, 2015,
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Community and Youth Participants

Lubbock Lake Landmark
also welcomes
youth and community volunteers
to participate in its
Summer Field Season.

The requirements and applications for
these volunteers vary.
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in this program,
further information is available,
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