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Traveling Trunks and Artifact Boxes make artifacts, reproductions, interpretive information, hard-to-find resources, suggested lessons, and investigation questions available to the teachers who cannot take a field trip. Trunks and Artifact Boxes may be checked out for one to two weeks at a time. Trunks have a rental fee of $10. Due to an annual contract, there is no charge for Lubbock ISD schools. Call (806)742-2432 or email to to check out a Traveling Trunk (listed below).

Traveling Trunk Teacher materials (.pdf), click here.

GRADES 1 / 2 / 3 / 4-7 / K&5 / 6 / Multilevel / New

Grade 1

Incredible Insects ·

Students are able to participate in a variety of activities involving the world of insects. Observations are made from human and insect points-of-view.


Grade 2

Discovering Dinosaurs ·

Students learn about the world of dinosaurs through interdisciplinary activities. Included is information on local paleontologists and their discoveries.


Grade 3

Our Dynamic Earth ···

The purpose of this trunk is to show the many diverse aspects of this immense earth. It focuses on different branches of science, including earth science, geology, botany, meteorology, and biology. It also deals with plants, animals, and minerals and rocks. Students will understand how Earth and its ecology work. (Teacher materials)


Grade 3

Our Living Earth: The Cycle of Life ***

This trunk assists students in understanding ecology, biomes, food chains and food webs, and the predator-prey relationship. A comprehensive teacher's manual has lesson plans for teaching how to collect information and apply scientific principles, and provides activities that accompany some of the teaching concepts. (Teacher Materials)

Grades 4 - 7

Cowboys of the Americas: Argentine Gauchos and North American Southern Plains Cowboys

This trunk focuses on the history, lifeways, and material culture of the Cowboys of North America and the gauchos of Argentina in South America. (Spanish and English Teacher Materials)


Grade K & 5

Red, White, and Blue ·

Grade 5 TEKS-based activities and crafts teach students about the origins of the flag and our national anthem. Kindergarten activities focus on the flag. (TEKS 113.7)


Grade 6

Exploring Energy ·

Complement your environmental education curriculum with hands-on science investigations of energy. This trunk explores the properties of energy and its cycles, fossil fuels, and discusses reasons for an "energy crisis."



Comanches on the Southern
High Plains ···

Students explore early West Texas history through investigations into the lifeways of the Comanche Indians on the Southern High Plains. The reproductions and interdisciplinary activities introduce traditional Comanche customs, housing, clothing, games, and their bison-based economy. (Teacher materials)

African-American Pioneers of Texas: From the Old West to the New Frontier ··

Students explore the varied African-American contributions to Texas history. The trunk includes material about African-American legends and leaders, including cowboys such as Bill Pickett, and astronaut and Texas Tech Regent Dr. Bernard Harris. (Teacher materials)

Life On the Plains

Students use clothing, games, and artifacts to investigate pioneer life in West Texas. Artifacts lead the students through life on the Plains - from childhood to adulthood, from work to play. Let your students interact with the material culture of the Texas history they are studying in the classroom.

Our Hispanic Heritage·

Through interdisciplinary activities, students explore the history and folkways of American Hispanic culture. Two trunks are available: one on lifeways, and another about arts and crafts. The trunks may be reserved together or separately.

Buffalo Soldiers ···

Named "Buffalo Soldiers" by Native Americans, these men served in the US Army in segregated units from 1866-1952. These soldiers fought in the Spanish-American War, WWI, and WWII. The trunk contains written materials, photographs, a videotape, and a replica uniform. (Teacher materials)


Amazing Astronomy ·

What are the planets made of? Why does the Moon have phases? How does the Sun shine? The answers to these, and
many more questions about the sky, are found in the Discovery Traveling Trunk "Amazing Astronomy." (
Teacher materials: Intro Pages; Activities)



African Legacy ·

Students experiment with Authentic African musical instruments as they discover the cultural traditions of these interesting people. Folk tales and activities are included. This trunk can be used as a classroom resource to complement a visit to the Museum's permanent exhibition, African Art: South of the Sahara.

· Made possible through a grant from the Lubbock Independent School District.

·· Made possible through a grant from the Texas Council for the Humanities.

··· Made possible by the Junior League of Lubbock.



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