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Arts History Series: Spring 2019

arts history series 2019


The time period following the Renaissance in Europe was a period of change in the visual arts.

Art historically moved from the Baroque period which was heightened by dramatic narratives to the Rococo, where fashion and luxury became a new facet in art's expanding vocabulary. This change was prompted by the diversity of cultural ideas that were found in different parts of the continent.

When new ideas and interpretations of faith and technology find a foothold in larger cities and states, art transforms to accompany these new ideas. As time progresses these transformations travel from one location to another, pushing artistic concepts further.

Join us as Dr. Christian Conrad examines the art of Europe from the end of the Renaissance to the cusp of the Age of Enlightenment. The Arts History Lecture Series is presented by the Museum of Texas Tech University Association.

Friday Mornings
Coffee - 10:30 a.m.
Lecture - 11 a.m.
Helen DeVitt Jones Auditorium

Semester Dues
$45 Friends and Family Level & Non-Members
$7 Individual Session (payable at door)
FREE for students with valid ID

Spring 2019 Schedule

Feb. 15 -- Jacques-Louis David: The Turbulent Age of the French Revolution

Feb. 22 -- John Constable, Casper David Friedrich, Thomas Cole: Landscapes in the Age of Reason

March 1 -- Jean-Auguste Ingres: A Return to the Classical Ideas of Art

March 8 -- Eugene Delacroix: Art int he Age of Romanticism

March 22 -- Theodore Rousseau and Others: Landscape Art in the AGe of Romanticism

March 29 -- Gustave Courbet: The Birth of Realism

April 5 -- Honore Daumier: Social Commentary into the 19th Century

Dr. Christian Conrad, featured speaker for the Arts History Lecture History, earned his doctorate in critical thinking and artistic practice from Texas Tech in 2012. As a working artist, he creates in a variety of media ranging from video installations to traditional paper collage.