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Graduate Degree Programs

The School of Music offers a variety of graduate degrees:

Master of Music in Music
Fields of Specialization: Composition, Music Theory, Musicology, Pedagogy, Performance

DEGREE PLANS: MM CompositionMM Conducting-Choral MM Conducting-Orchestral, MM Conducting-Wind, MM Musicology, MM Pedagogy-Keyboard, MM Performance-Jazz, MM Performance-Keyboard, MM Performance-Strings, MM Performance-Voice, MM Performance-Wind/Percussion, MM Theory

The Master of Music degree consists of a minimum of 30 hours of graduate work, including recitals for the performance student, thesis for the musicology or music theory student, and an original composition for the composition student. The Master of Music degree in string pedagogy or keyboard pedagogy may be attained with a 36-hour program without thesis or recitals. This degree consists of 30 hours of graduate work including a thesis for the Music History and Literature student and the Music Theory student, an original composition for the Composition student, or two performances for the Performance, Accompanying/Chamber Music, or Conducting student. The Master of Music degree with a keyboard pedagogy or string pedagogy field of specialization is a 36 hour program without thesis or recitals.

There is one foreign language requirement for the master's degree with a field of specialization in music history; also, vocal performance students must demonstrate singing proficiency in French, German, and Italian.

Master of Music Education

MMEd DEGREE PLANS Thesis Track Non-Thesis Track

The Master of Music Education degree may be attained with a 30-hour program that includes a thesis or a 36-hour program without a thesis. For the performance or the accompanying-chamber music student, two public performances are required. Both performances must be judged satisfactory by the student’s applied music faculty committee. The conducting student may present either two performances or one with a paper in support of the performance.

Both programs include 5 required courses (3 specified music education courses; 1 choice in musicology; 1 choice in music theory). All other hours are elective based on the interests of the student and advice of the major professor.

Elective hours may be selected to emphasize: Best Practices in Band/Orchestra/Choir/Elementary, Conducting, Kodaly Certification, Music Technology, Music Research, Applied Lessons, Ensembles, Additional Musicology or Music Theory, other topics of interest.

Bachelor + Early Admission Masters Program in Music Education (BM+ Early Admission MMED)

This program allows exceptional students to enroll in 9 specified hours and dual count them toward both the Bachelor of Music Leading toward Teacher Certification degree and the Masters of Music Education degree at Texas Tech University. These students enroll in the School of Music as well as the Graduate School while they are still undergraduates. Click for information.

CONTACT: Dr. Janice Killian, 806.834.2010,

Summers Only - Master of Music Education

The Master of Music Education degree described above may be completed in residence during long terms, in summers only, or in summers plus long term coursework. Click here for more information.

CONTACT: Dr. Janice Killian, 806.834.2010,

Doctor of Musical Arts
Fields of Specialization: Composition, Conducting, Performance, Piano Pedagogy

DEGREE PLANS: DMA Composition, DMA Conducting-Choral, DMA Conducting-Orchestral, DMA Conducting-Wind, DMA Performance-Strings, DMA Performance-Voice, DMA Performance-Winds/Percussion, DMA-Piano Pedagogy

The Doctor of Musical Arts degree is a 45-hour program oriented toward professional practice in music emphasizing the creation or performance of musical works and the application and transmission of knowledge about musical works. Fields of specialization are in performance, conducting, composition, and piano pedagogy. A nondissertation program, the degree culminates in four doctoral performance projects which are designed to suit the professional interests and aspirations of the student. Of singular importance is the inclusion of 9 credit hours of fine arts courses drawn from visual arts, theatre, and aesthetics. Additional information may be obtained from the School of Music. p>

The degree consists of 45 hours of coursework, a qualifying examination, and four performance or pedagogy projects which take the place of a dissertation.  (For degrees involving a dissertation, please refer to the PhD in Fine Arts.)

Doctor of Philosophy in Fine Arts
Field of Specialization: Music

DEGREE PLAN: Doctor of Philosophy in Fine Arts - Music

The music field of specialization in the Ph.D. in Fine Arts consists of a minimum of 60 semester hours, which includes fine arts requirements and electives, an individualized music curriculum, and a dissertation. Concentrations are in composition, music history, theory, conducting, music education, administration, performance, and pedagogy. The residence requirement for the fine arts doctoral program is fulfilled by satisfactory completion of 18 semester hours of graduate coursework during one 12-month period. This program is explained in the introductory catalog section to the College of Visual and Performing Arts.

For more information, please see the Fine Arts Doctoral Program website.

The musicology concentration in the doctoral program requires one foreign language. Other concentrations may or may not have this requirement, depending on the dissertation area. Except for the musicology concentration (one foreign language), no foreign language requirement exists for the Master of Music degrees or for the Master of Music Education degree; however, vocal performance students must demonstrate singing proficiency in French, German, and Italian.

Graduate Certificate Program

Graduate Certificate in Early Music Performance Practice. The 15-credit Graduate Certificate in Early Music Performance Practice provides graduate music majors with the option of tailoring their coursework and medium ensemble participation to focus on the research and performance of medieval, Renaissance and Baroque music. This resume-enhancing certificate is especially recommended for musicology, theory, choral, or vocal/instrumental students who wish to obtain the in-demand skills required of specialists in the dynamic area of early music scholarship and performance.

CONTACT: Angela Mariani Smith, 806.834.3912,

The Graduate Certificate in Piano Pedagogy.This graduate certificate is designed for the professional piano teacher. The 13- to 17-hour curriculum, with flexible scheduling, provides enrichment and skill development both musically and pedagogically. It can also assist participants in qualifying as Nationally Certified Teachers of Music through Music Teachers National Association.

CONTACT: Dr. Carla Davis Cash, 806.834.3924,