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The Texas Tech String Project was founded in January of 2001 with two purposes. One, to provide low cost beginning string instruction to children in the Lubbock area and two, to provide intensive, guided teaching experience to undergraduate music students who plan to make string education their career.

The String Project takes laboratory school approach for elementary children (typically entering the 4th grade) interested in playing one of the four orchestral string instruments – violin, viola, cello, and bass. Children attend group lessons twice each week at the Texas Tech campus.

Instruction is provided by a team of undergraduate and graduate music majors and by two “Master Teachers” who supervise the entire curriculum. Dr. Bruce Wood, associate professor of string education at Texas Tech University, serves as chief administrator of the program.


Project Director:
Dr. Bruce Wood (806)742-2270 ext. 281

Master Teachers:
Ms. Margaret Johnson

Project Assistants:

What is the cost to families who participate in the String Project?
Tuition for the String Project is $50 per semester, which includes two lessons per week for fourteen weeks each term. In addition, families will need to rent an instrument from a local music store (at a cost of between $25 and $35 per month) and a music book ($5).

Where are the lessons?
The lessons are held in room 011 in the School of Music at Texas Tech University.

How do I get involved?
It’s easy! Just call or write to the project director, Dr. Bruce Wood. He can be reached at (806)742-2270, ext. 281 or