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Voice Area: Graduate Admissions


Admission to the Texas Tech University School of Music (SOM) as a graduate voice major is contingent upon an acceptable audition for the Voice Area as well as individual applications to the Texas Tech University School of Music and Graduate School.

For information regarding admission to the School of Music, visit the Graduate Program home page 

To further facilitate the admission process as a graduate music major contact Dr. Michael Stoune, Associate Director of Graduate Studies, SOM.

Graduate applicants seeking degrees in vocal music should contact Gerald Dolter, Voice Area Chair, to seek audition scheduling. This email will declare intent as a graduate vocal candidate.

It is expected that all prospective graduate majors seeking an live audition for acceptance at the graduate level first submit a video example(s) of his/her performing artistry prior to being invited for a live audition.

These materials can be submitted electronically to Gerald Dolter or in hard-copy video of any kind, mailed to Gerald Dolter for consideration at P.O. Box 42033, Lubbock, TX 79409.

After a review of such materials, the candidate will be contacted regarding the scheduling of an audition for the voice faculty. The audition will take place on any Monday during the academic year at 4:00pm, scheduled by mutual agreement.

The Saturday audition dates are generally reserved for undergraduate auditions. Graduate applicants are given more individualized attention and consideration in the Monday afternoon auditions.


Master of Music (MM)

Four selections, memorized, are required, one in each of the four languages, English, Italian, German, & French.

Of the four, no more than two may be arias, art song should be well represented, and at least one of the selections should be from the Classical period, representing composers such as Mozart or Haydn, or similar compositional styles.

The auditionee may make selections from various style periods as best represents his/her vocal & performing capabilities.

Study at this degree level is almost exclusively classical in nature, but the use of a music theatre selection to demonstrate performing capabilities is acceptable.

A personal accompanist is welcome, or a highly-qualified accompanist will be made available, free of charge, with prior notice.

In that event, a list of selections should be sent to the Voice Area Chair no less than one week prior to the audition to fully prepare the provided accompanist.

Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA)
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Fine Arts

For this audition process, the actual audition will consist of presenting a list of sixteen memorized selections from which the Voice Faculty may choose.

The widest variety of performing styles, languages, and periods is expected at this degree level.

Mentoring by a current Voice faculty member is the normal procedure for preparing this audition.

Consultation with the Voice Area Chair at Gerald Dolter is expected when seeking admission/ audition to these degree levels.