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Voice Area: Voice Lessons


MAJORS: Voice lessons are required for majors in conjunction with the chosen degree requirements.

NON-MAJORS: Qualified non-majors at TTU may study voice on an elective basis as teaching space permits.

Voice Lessons Private lessons are available only to non-major students who have had singing experience in solo or choir environment.

Lessons are taught by teaching assistants (TAs) who are carefully monitored by the Voice Area.

Lessons can be offered at times mutually available to student and teacher, and are to be arranged (TBA).

Credit is offered for the lessons as a one hour credit which will yield a 30 minute lesson per week.

A recommended course for non-voice majors (ex: theatre majors) is MUAP 1113 Class Voice

Students seeking private voice lessons and those seeking more information about vocal studies should contact Gerald Dolter, Voice Area Chair.