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Voice Area: Undergraduate Admissions


Students are admitted as majors in the Voice Area by audition / interview with the Voice Faculty.

Procedures for admission / interview are different for each degree level – bachelors, masters, and doctoral.

UNDERGRADUATE – Online Application

Prospective undergraduate voice majors should apply online to the School of Music and request information regarding audition. This begins the application process, and is a completely FREE application.

To apply as a voice major to the School of Music and schedule an audition, complete the online Music Major Audition Application.

Ja'Net Ross, Coordinator of Admissions & Scholarships, will process your application and assign you an audition date and time. If you have questions regarding your audition, she may be reached at or at (806) 834-6680.

UNDERGRADUATE – Audition Information

Vocal Auditions for prospective undergraduate music majors will be held on the dates listed on the Prospective Students page

Voice Students These dates are specifically designed to facilitate your audition and entrance exams in theory in same day, as well as to give you and your family a chance to meet the entire School of Music faculty and staff.

Your completed online application will allow you to select the date of your choice. The time of the audition that day will be set by Ja'Net Ross who will contact you following the processing of your application.

Private Auditions

Auditions on dates other than the two Saturdays above are possible and welcomed, but not encouraged as the primary route of audition, due to the missed opportunity of meeting the faculty, staff and student body, and to the delayed taking of Music Theory placement tests, the results of which influence admission decisions.

The Voice Faculty also hears auditions on Mondays at 4 pm. For full consideration for fall matriculation, please audition on or before March 1 of that year. Prospective students may audition at any time after March 1, but entry may be restricted for the fall semester. Please email Karl Dent for further audition information. For application information, please email Ja'Net Ross, Enrollment Coordinator.

Recorded Auditions

It is possible to submit recorded video materials as an audition to be a voice major in special circumstances, such as international residence or professional scheduling conflicts with other possible audition dates.

Every consideration will be given this form of audition.

Audio recordings (without video) will not be accepted for audition purposes.

The prospective student should learn and memorize two music selections that best display his/her vocal capabilities – one in English and the second in a foreign language.

The video submission should display the student clearly announcing his/her name, school, degree request, and the title and composer of each song that follows on the recording.

This video recording (in any format) should be mailed to the Voice Area Chair at:

  Karl Dent
P. O. Box 42033
Lubbock, TX, 79409-2033

In any chosen format, the vocal audition for the Voice Faculty will enable qualified students to be admitted by the Voice Area to the School of Music.

The Voice Faculty will recommend and approve the degree level of the student to best comply with the student's requested degree and with the vocal, musical and academic qualifications exhibited in the audition.

Following the audition, the student will be contacted by mail regarding the outcome of the audition.

UNDERGRADUATE – Audition Requirements

The audition selections should be chosen from the following sources:

The audition will also include a sight-reading example and brief interview, as well as an opportunity for the student to ask questions of the faculty if any concerns are present.


The audition for admission is also considered an audition for music scholarships.

Generally, vocal scholarships are reserved for students majoring in voice, and are distributed according to level of qualification. In certain conditions, exceptional or rare voice types are afforded a higher consideration, regardless of college major.

Scholarships at TTU are considered to be competitive with other institutions in recruiting qualified voice majors.

Scholarships are competitively awarded to incoming freshmen and transfer students equally.