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Comments of Tech Piano Students and Alumni

The TTU piano division is a great place for students because the teachers are world-class, the environment is challenging while being nurturing, and students receive conservatory training while being exposed to a well-rounded liberal arts education.

Matt Manwarren

Each week I leave my piano lesson feeling better about the music and about myself than when I began the lesson, so that makes me more thoroughly enjoy what I already love to do, which is play the piano!
Julia Hervey

To me, the Texas Tech music school was not just an educational institution I attended in order to seek an advanced music degree. It was my musical home where my classmates and my outstanding and cherished professors became my family. They guided and encouraged me to achieve far beyond even my own high expectations - I will always remember my years at Tech as the very best years of my life!
Angela Neufeld, Canada

The Texas Tech piano department was one of the things that made my undergraduate experience truly enjoyable. The professors are all extremely talented, both as performers and educators, and there is no question that they can provide the very best training for an aspiring musician. However, they go far beyond the pedagogical aspects of training a musician. As a whole, the piano faculty at Texas Tech is composed of warm and caring PEOPLE who are truly interested in the betterment of their students, both as musicians and as men and women.
J.T. Williams, Fort Worth, Texas

I think of Texas Tech and Lubbock very often! Wonderful teachers, lovely student colleagues, they are still in my heart! I think Tech is a very nice place to study for foreign student like me. I am the founder of the Korean Association of Piano Pedagogy and the current president of this organization. I am the author of KLAVIER, the first original piano method written by a Korean. I studied piano and piano pedagogy at Tech and learned a lot! Tech gave so many things to me. I love Tech and Lubbock very much!
Wan Kyu Chung, Korea

The Texas Tech Music Department was a great experience for me. Not only were my professors keen musical minds and brilliant performers, but they were caring teachers as well. Personal attention and kind instruction were the norm--an element sometimes lost at large universities, but not at Texas Tech!
Jennifer King

The friendly and resourceful faculty members at the School of Music, the scholarships offered, and the beautiful campus at Texas Tech have made me decide to come to study here. The classes that I have taken are practical and challenging enough to prepare me for my future career and my personal growth. What I like most here at Tech is the inspiration I receive from the insightful professors.
Mei Yuk Tang, Taiwan

I think the Piano Faculty is highly competent and at the same time very friendly. I feel that the teachers are genuinely interested in their students, and that means a lot to a student. I heard about Texas Tech from friends here in Lubbock, and I was very impressed by the School of Music's program.
Sigurd Øgaard, Norway

I really enjoy working with the faculty at Texas Tech. Besides being extremely talented, they are always willing to set aside some time to work with you.
Rebecca Lazok

Studying at Tech was great. The instructors are excellent and the school of music is large enough to offer a wide variety of opportunities and experiences. I really felt that I got to know my professors, and this made my time at Tech an experience I'll look back on with pleasure.
Del Kahlstorf, Minnesota

Texas Tech has a wonderful piano program; in fact, the musical environment here is perfect. Not too many people to be intimidated and feel like class is slow, and not too little to discourage group efforts. I have found that the piano faculty in particular is always willing to go out of their way to help any student who needs it. One will ALWAYS be impressed with the efficiency, performance ability, and likeability of the faculty and the graduate and undergraduate students.
Jonathan Guez, Houston

As a graduate student at Texas Tech University, I felt that it was an honor to study there, because the school offered an excellent music program, especially in piano pedagogy. In addition, I also found that the entire faculty in the School of Music were very helpful, supportive, and knowledgeable. Overall, Texas Tech provides students an outstanding learning environment.
Poh Leng Yee, Maylasia

Texas Tech University is a very well known college in the Valley area where I was working. When I realized I needed to study more in order to become a better and more professional musician and I mentioned this to my colleagues in Brownsville, they strongly recommended that I apply for admission into the music program at Texas Tech. Now that I am here I feel that my decision was not only correct, but really valuable. So far I have learned a lot, and the semesters to come are still more exciting.
Raul Capistran, Matamoros, Mexico