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Michael Stoune

Michael C. Stoune is Associate Director of the School of Music for Graduate Curriculum. He holds Bachelor of Music Education and Master of Music (Music History) degrees from The University of Texas (Austin), and the Doctor of Music Arts from the University of Michigan. He is the flutist in the Devienne Trio, which has played twice for the National Flute Association, at Music Teacher National Association (Spokane) and the International Double Reed Society in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Dr. Stoune also performs in the Lubbock Symphony and Roswell (NW) Symphony orchestras. He chaired the Special Publications Committee of the National Flute Association for eleven years and supervised and edited five books. He has been president of the National Association of College Wind and Percussion Instructors. A student of flute bands in Northern Ireland, he has conducted their music at the NFA in 1989, and is preparing a paper on flute bands for presentation. Music Theory, Ph.D in Fine Arts.

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