Texas Tech University

Faculty Directory

Name Title
Allen, Eric Assistant Professor of Music Education / Assistant Director of Bands
Anderson, Amy Associate Professor of Oboe
Ankrum, Quinn Associate Professor of Voice
Ballenger, William Director of the School of Music
Barrick, Jeannie Instructor
Becker, David Director of Orchestral Studies
Bjella, Richard Director of Choral Studies
Brandon, David Instructor
Brinker, Sarai Instructor of Musicology
Brookes, Gregory Assistant Professor of Voice
Brumfield, Susan Professor of Music Education
Cash, Carla Davis Associate Professor of Piano and Piano Pedagogy
Chalex Boyle, Annie Assistant Professor of Violin
Cruse, Carolyn Associate Director of Choral Studies / Associate Professor of Music Education
Deahl, Lora Professor of Piano and Keyboard Literature
Decker, James Associate Professor of Trombone
Dees, Jenny Instructor
Dees, David Professor of Saxophone
Dent, Karl Professor of Voice & Choral Studies
Dolter, Gerald Professor of Voice / Director of TTU Opera Theatre
Dye, Keith Professor of Music Education
Fischer, Peter Associate Professor of Music
Forrest, David Assistant Professor of Music Theory
Fried, Eric Associate Professor of Music / Assistant to the Director of the School of Music
Garner Santa, Lisa Professor of Flute
Gilbert, John Professor of Violin
Haugland, Ben Assistant Professor of Jazz
Henninger, Jacqueline Assistant Professor of Music Education
Hill, Duane Director of the Texas Tech University Goin' Band From Raiderland / Director of the Concert Band
Hollins, John Associate Professor of Voice
Hughes, Thomas Associate Professor of Music, Organ and Music Technology
Jocoy, Stacey Associate Professor of Musicology
Jones, Stephen Director of Jazz Studies / Associate Professor of Jazz
Killian, Janice Professor and Chair of Music Education
Landes, Roger Instructor
Lastrapes, Jeffrey Associate Professor of Cello
Lin, Mei-Fang Associate Professor of Theory/Composition
Mariani Smith, Angela Associate Professor of Musicology
Martens, Peter Associate Professor of Music Theory
Mazzucco, Rachel Instructor of Harp
McKoin, Sarah Director of Bands / Associate Professor of Music
Meek, Richard Professor of Bassoon and Music Theory
Morton, Mark Associate Professor of Double Bass
Pineda, Kim Visiting Assistant Professor of Musicology
Rogers, Lisa Professor of Percussion Studies
Salazar, Lauryn Assistant Professor of Musicology
Santa, Matthew Professor of Music Theory
Shea, David Professor of Clarinet
Shinn, Alan Professor of Percussion
Smith, Christopher M. Professor of Horn
Smith, Christopher J. Professor of Musicology / Director of the Vernacular Music Center
Sparr, Kimberly Assistant Professor of Viola
Sparr, Kimberly Assistant Professor of Viola
Stetson, Andrew Assistant Professor of Trumpet
Stoune, Michael Associate Director for Graduate Curriculum
Strieder, Will Professor of Trumpet
Wascoe Hays, Rebecca Assistant Professor of Voice
Wass, Kevin Professor of Tuba and Euphonium
Westney, William Paul Whitfield Horn Professor / Eva Browning Artist-in-Residence
Williams, Blair Assistant Professor of String Music Education / TTU String Project, Director
Zahler, Clara Professor of Practice


School of Music