Texas Tech University



Did you know that TTU Friends of Music have endowed or contributed to the following scholarship endowments?

  • Professor Robert Deahl Memorial Music Scholarship
           NEW! Stay tuned for the inaugural recipient in the Fall of 2017.
  • Friends of Music Regents Scholarship Endowment
           2015-2016 recipient: Carolyn Garcia
  • Friends of Music Board Member Emeritus Scholarship Endowment
           2015-2016 recipients: Benjamin Horton, Rebecca Tann,
           Anna Tesh, Katrina Wilson
  • Keith Bearden Marching Band Endowed Scholarship
           2015-2016 recipient: Joshua Dolney
  • William G. Hartwell Scholarship Endowment
           2015-2016 recipient: George Cole
  • Grey Lewis Friends of Music Scholarship Endowment
           2015-2016 recipient: Christopher Arcy
  • Jack O. and Rose Mary Nelson Friends of Music Endowed Scholarship
           2015-2016 recipient: Meagan Spencer
  • The Saathoff Family & Friends of Music Scholarship Endowment
           2015-2016 recipient: Savannah Bingham
  • Alan Shinn Friends of Music Jazz Scholarship Endowment
           2015-2016 recipients: Mylon Johnson, Jacob Yepez
  • Christine Shinn Friends of Music Music Education Scholarship Endowment
           2015-2016 recipients: Katie Fehr, Meredith Crouch
  • George Winston & Friends of Music Scholarship
           2015-2016 recipient: Morielle Haller
  • Glenna S. Wylie & Friends of Music String Scholarship Endowment
           2015-2016 recipient: Victoria Lien

To help us grow our talent-based scholarships or for more information regarding employer matching gift programs:
friendsofmusic@ttu.edu or (806) 742-6926 or www.give2tech.com