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Music Theory Graduate


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  • MUTH 5300: Harmony and Voiceleading (Graduate Review)
  • MUTH 5301: Dictation and Sightsinging (Graduate Review)
  • MUTH 5303: Forms and Styles in Tonal Music
  • MUTH 5306: Pedagogy of Theory
  • MUTH 5310: Modal Counterpoint
  • MUTH 5311: Tonal Counterpoint and Fugue
  • MUTH 5315: Analysis of Tonal Music
  • MUTH 5316: Twentieth-Century Analysis Techniques
  • MUTH 5317: Rhythm and Meter
  • MUTH 5321: History of Theory: Antiquity to 1600
  • MUTH 5322: History of Theory: 1600 to 1950
  • MUTH 5325: Music and the Mind

The following courses are taught under MUTH 5320 (Special Topics) or MUSI 7000 (Independent Study). Materials posted below are taken from the last time the course was offered.

  • Music Theory and Music Perception (Spring '10, Spring '11)
  • The Song Cycle: Genesis, Construction, and Meaning (Fall '11)
  • Analysis and Performance (Spring '08)
  • Rhythm and Meter in American Vernacular Music, 1890-present (Spring '08); course site available through Web CT.


Please see the School of Music Graduate Handbook for detailed descriptions and timetables for these programs.

Graduate Exams in Music Theory