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Graduate Handbook


This handbook is currently under revision in order to update content and formatting - anticipated completion December 2018.


This handbook is intended to assist both graduate students and graduate faculty. Its contents are a codification of information, policies, and procedures of the University, the Graduate School, and the School of Music. Students are expected to become thoroughly familiar with this document as well as the graduate catalog under which they enter. Students' failure to follow the stipulated regulations and requirements will result in complications for which neither the Graduate School nor the School of Music can assume responsibility.

With best wishes for success in your graduate program,
Peter Martens, Ph.D
Associate Director for Graduate Studies
Associate Professor of Music Theory

Texas Tech University School of Music.
J.T. & Margaret Talkington College of Visual & Performing Arts.
Texas Tech University Graduate School.


Mission, Vision, and Core Values

Graduate Degrees

Purpose of Graduate Degrees

Financial Support

Admission Process

Categories of Admission

Department Advisors




Placement/Preliminary Exams

DMA and PhD Qualifying Examination

Degree Programs

Advisory Committee

Degree Plans

Admission to Candidacy

Non-Thesis Program

Master's Thesis

Doctorate in Fine Arts Dissertation

Doctorate in Fine Arts Dissertation Defense


Scheduling of Recitals

Recording Recitals

Intent to Graduate

Master's Final Examination

DMA Document and Defense

Transferred and Extension Work

Time Limit

Grade Requirement

Foreign Language Requirement


Additional Graduate School Policies and Regulations

Helpful Links

Health and Safety for the Music Student