Texas Tech University

Categories of Admission

The Graduate School grants two types of admission:

  1. full admission to a graduate degree program (with or without conditions)
  2. admission as a special (temporary) graduate student, or GTMP.

A student who is granted GTMP status has no assurance that work completed within this status will be applicable toward degree requirements should he or she subsequently gain regular admission to a degree program. No more than 12 semester hours earned prior to admission to a degree program may be counted toward degree requirements.

Except for applications to the Doctor of Philosophy in Fine Arts, the application is returned to the Graduate School with the recommendation for admission action from the School of Music. The Graduate School notifies the student via their Raiderlink Applications tab.

For applicants for the Doctor of Philosophy in Fine Arts the petition is placed before the Graduate Committee of the J.T. & Margaret Talkington College of Visual and Performing Arts for review and recommendation. The College committee, which is constituted of two representatives from each unit, either supports the recommendation of the School of Music, adds conditions, or recommends denial of admission.

After the Graduate School, the School of Music, and, for Ph.D. students, the J.T. & Margaret Talkington College of Visual and Performing Arts Graduate Committee review the application, the Graduate Dean will notify the applicant of acceptance or denial via Raiderlink. Inasmuch as this process of evaluation can take some time, applicants are encouraged to apply as far as possible in advance of the desired matriculation date.

If the College committee denies an application, it is returned to the School of Music for review. The School of Music may request additional information from the student, recommend the student be admitted to a different program, such as a master's level program, or a different doctoral program, or accept the denial of admission.


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