Texas Tech University

Admission Process

Admission to graduate study in music is a multi-phased process involving the Graduate School, the School of Music, and (for applicants to the Doctor of Philosophy in Fine Arts) the Graduate Committee of the J.T. & Margaret Talkington College of Visual and Performing Arts. All three units practice a holistic philosophy of admission that takes into account a variety of information: formal application, GRE scores (where required), TOEFL scores (for international students), grade point average, transcripts of previous academic work, recommendations, vita of professional experience, life experience, audition, interview, perusal of scores, samples of written work, publications, etc. Admission decisions are not based on any single aspect of the total presentation, but rather an examination of all the material submitted.

Perhaps the most important consideration, since virtually all those who apply are professionals in the music field, is the evidence of professional activity and achievement. A careful evaluation is made by the appropriate instructional area of the School of Music to determine if the applicant possesses a sufficient level of expertise and musical skills.

The student first applies for admission through the Graduate School.

All other required material (School of Music application, audition recordings, scores, C.V., recommendations, written work, etc.) is then sent directly to the Associate Director of Graduate Programs at the School of Music. That material, along with the Graduate School packet, is forwarded to the appropriate division of the School of Music for evaluation and recommendation. That division makes a recommendation for an admission action to the Associate Director for Graduate Studies. The recommendation may be for admission or for denial of admission.


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