Texas Tech University

Advisory Committee

Master's Program

The course of study for a graduate student is supervised by the major professor in cooperation with the specific division of performance or study. Recitals are approved for degree certification by the respective divisions. The committee for Music Theory, Musicology, Music Education, Piano Pedagogy, or String Pedagogy is made up of faculty from that area of study. For the final oral examination in Performance, in addition to the major professor (who chairs the committee) there will be one member from the musicology graduate faculty and one from the music theory graduate faculty.

Doctoral Program

On the recommendation of the School of Music, the Graduate Dean will appoint a Doctoral Advisory Committee after the evaluation of the student's preliminary examinations and the filing of the Program of Study. This committee will include three faculty members from the School of Music. Each nominee must hold membership on the Graduate Faculty, and the chairperson must possess a doctoral degree. Exceptions to that regulation may be made on a case-by-case basis. It will be the function of this committee to guide the student in all remaining aspects of the program and especially in the study leading to the doctoral performance projects, the qualifying examination, and the final paper.

Ph.D. Program

The committee appointments are the same as with the D.M.A. program, but with the addition of two members from outside the School of Music. The external members may be from a fine arts division, but that is not a requirement.


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