Texas Tech University

Department Advisors

Each department has an individual designated as Graduate Advisor. This person is a member of the Graduate Faculty and is generally familiar with university organization and Graduate School policies and procedures. The Graduate Advisor is regarded as the point of contact within the department for information on all aspects of graduate education relating to that department.

The Graduate Advisor is the person through whom the graduate School ordinarily communicates in student and Graduate Faculty matters. the Graduate Advisor coordinates admission activities, approves (with appropriate collaboration) student program forms for forwarding to the Graduate Dean, reports on results of comprehensive examinations, forwards nominations for Graduate Faculty, and generally supervises all of the graduate education activities of the unit.

In some departments and colleges, various aspects of the above activities are delegated to chairpersons of student committees. Even when this is the case, it is the role of the Graduate Advisor to monitor such activities to ensure timely and orderly process. Of course, it should be generally understood that the Graduate Advisor assists all graduate students in the unit as needed with advice and direction as they proceed into and through their programs.


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