Texas Tech University

Financial Support

All students receiving competitive scholarships, fellowships, or teaching assistantships are required to be enrolled for at least 9 semester hours during each long semester. A scholarship of $1,000 (or more) or a teaching assistantship reduces tuition fees to Texas resident levels. Scholarship benefits are applicable to students in summer sessions, even though the student may not receive financial benefit. Scholarships or teaching assistantships may be held for up to two years by master's level students and for up to three years by doctoral level students. Awards may be renewed with a new time limit if a student moves to doctoral level study after completing a master's degree.

Graduate School Fellowships

The Graduate School of Texas Tech University sponsors annual competitions for several endowed fellowships. Successful applicants may combine these awards with teaching assistantships. Application and deadline information is available on the Graduate School web site.

Teaching Assistantships

Teaching Assistantships are available to qualified master's and doctoral students. Full-time assistantships carry a stipend plus in-state tuition status, and health insurance paid in part by Texas Tech University. Students applying for teaching assistantships are expected to apply for the Federal Work/Study Program. Master's degree students amy hold an assistantship for two years and doctoral students for three years. Further information regarding teaching assistantships or fellowships may be obtained from the Associate Director for Graduate Studies.


Further information concerning general University scholarships and loans may be obtained from the Office of Student Financial Aid.


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