Texas Tech University

Transferred and Extension Work

Master's Program

There is no automatic transfer of credit toward a Master's degree, but work completed in residence at another accredited graduate school may (on the recommendation of the departments concerned) generally be accepted for as much as 6 semester hours toward a Master's degree. Work completed at another graduate school with a grade less than B will not be accepted.

A maximum of 6 semester hours of extension work completed through the Division of Continuing Education of Texas Tech may be credited on the course work for a Master's degree (or a maximum of 9 hours on a 36-hour program) if the student had been officially admitted to the Graduate School prior to enrolling for the extension work. Graduate credit is not granted for courses taken by extension at another university.

Ordinarily, no more than 9 semester hours (or 12 hours on a 36-hour program) of any combination of extension course and courses completed elsewhere may be credited toward a Master's degree.

Graduate credit is not granted for courses taken by correspondence.

D.M.A. and Ph.D. Program

Work completed in the Doctoral program of another recognized university will be considered by the Graduate Dean upon the recommendation of the Graduate Studies Committee of the School of Music, but no assurance can be given that such work will reduce the course requirement here. In no case can transferred credit reduce the minimum residence requirement.


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