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National Ranching Heritage Center

Board of Directors

In addition to support from Texas Tech University and its Board of Regents, the NRHC is supported by the Ranching Heritage Association (RHA), a non-profit membership organization chartered in 1969 for the stated purpose of preserving the physical, social and cultural aspects of ranching and assisting in developing, interpreting and maintaining public interest in ranching history.

Ranching Heritage Association Officers

  • President: Gerald Nobles, Jr., Brady, TX
  • Vice President: Tom Watson, Muleshoe, TX
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Bedford Jones, Spur, TX
  • Past President: Tony Spears, Gonzales, TX

FY 17 RHA Board of Directors

Carl Andersen Jake Cowen Bedford Jones* Lane Puckitt
John Anderson Seth Denbow Kim King Tom Sell
Rich Anderson Matt Etheredge Mark Kirkpatrick* Patti Sikes
Jay Andrews* Jay Evans Joe Leathers* Tony Spears*
Bill Arrington Joe Flores* Jim Lowder Red Steagall
Betsy Bellah* Tanya Foerster Ruth Lowrance Cliff Teinert
Brad Bellah Mike Gibson Frank McLelland* Tom Watson*
Blake Birdwell Rob Gill Jon Means Dennis Webb
Jim Burkhart* John Goen Charlie Middleton Garland Weeks
Alicia Burton Andy Gray* Amber Miller Bonnie Welch
Lisa Cagle Tim Hatch Bill Miller Wesley Welch
Paul Carlson Becca Heidelberg Linda Moorhouse Andy Wilkinson
Andra Cantrell Larry Hobbs* Gerald Nobles, Jr.* Larry Work
Don Cash* Brooks Hodges Mary John Phinizy* Don Workman
Blaze Cogdell Gail House Will Phinizy Jennifer Workman
Cooper Cogdell Jim Jennings Byron Price  
*Executive Committee


Ex-Officio Members:

Sr. Vice Provost, TTU – Rob Stewart

Ranch Hosts President – John Levacy



National Ranching Heritage Center