Texas Tech University

Kirby Hill Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Memorial scholarship established in 1989 to honor the late Kirby Hill and open to students of any classification within the department.

Mr. Kirby Lee Hill was born in Guymon, Oklahoma. He graduated from Texas Tech University in 1988 with a degree in Wildlife Management. While at Texas Tech Kirby was a member of the student chapter of The Wildlife Society. He was a member of the First United Methodist Church in Stratford, Texas.

Kirby had several health problems, among them epilepsy which was believed to have caused his death at age 34 in his home in Lubbock, Texas. Kirby was remembered by a faculty member as a student who persevered and completed his degree despite all of the problems that faced him. He had courage and would always participate in all of the student activities. He was recognized as a team worker, and as a fine person who earned the respect and admiration of faculty and students alike. Kirby was a member of the Range and Wildlife Club and the Wildlife Quiz Bowl Team. Kirby was remembered by his mother as: "a nature lover, and one of his favorite things was going fishing with his father, brother, and friends. He liked just being out with mother nature".

Originally, a memorial scholarship fund was established in 1989 shortly after Kirby's death on February 4, 1989. Linda Jo Higgins, a close friend of Kirby's, provided leadership for this effort. As support continued over several years, this initial scholarship effort was converted to The Kirby Hill Memorial Endowed Scholarship in 1997 with additional donations from Mr. and Mrs. Roy J. Hill, Kirby's parents; and, his brothers: Mr. and Mrs. Kevin L. Hill and Mr. Dudley Keith Hill. Donations also came from Kirby's many friends and associates. The scholarship is open to students of any classification within the Department. The number and amount awarded annually varies.

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