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Optical Properties


Micro-Raman System

The laboratory for optical properties is located in the Department of Physics Room 5. Research is carried out in close collaboration with the Nano Tech Center.

Micro-Raman spectroscopy capabilities include both visible and UV systems. Measurements are carried out under ambient and cryogenic temperatures (to LHe). Lateral resolution is ~ 1 micron, and the systems are capable of computer-automated lateral mapping. The micro-Raman systems are primarily used for semiconductor research.

Micro-Raman System

Photoluminescence spectroscopy includes UV (to 355 nm), visible, and near infrared at cryogenic temperatures. The photoluminescence systems are dedicated to studies of narrow through wide bandgap semiconductors. High pressure diamond anvil cells are also available (150 kbar) for Raman and photoluminescence spectroscopies. UV Photoluminescence Near IR Photoluminescence
UV Photoluminescence Near IR Photoluminescence
Other capabilities include UV-visible (transmittance and reflectance) and FTIR (transmittance and reflectance) spectroscopies. FTIR Spectroscopy UV-visible spectrophotometer
FTIR Spectroscopy UV-visible spectrophotometer
The lab also houses our AFM/MFM instruments (DI Nanoscope II) and a vibrating magnetometer. Atomic Force Microscope (AFM/MFM)  
Atomic Force Microscope (AFM/MFM)