Texas Tech University

NWI Safety


TTU-NWI takes the safety of our team very seriously.
NWI is committed to the safety and well-being of the NWI employees, students, and customers as our number one priority. To insure that all employees are properly educated and aware of potential safety hazards and as part of the Texas Tech University's EH&S safety protocol, NWI requires all employees who conduct work at the Reese Center Campus to take all required safety modules (i.e. Laboratory Safety, Laser Safety, Hazard Communications, Safety Awareness, Forklift Certification (as applicable) as well as to sign a Facilities Use Agreement.

As part of Texas Tech University's EH&S safety protocol for all NWI facilities at Reese Technology Center, it is mandated that all persons utilizing NWI space must pass the appropriate safety courses/modules in accordance with TTU's OP 74.13. At a minimum, all Parties, including all participating faculty, students and staff, must have completed the five safety modules listed below.

1. Lab Safety
2. Safety Awareness/ Chemical Hygiene Plan (combined)
3. Laser Safety
4. Hazardous Communications
5. Fork Lift Training (if needed)

Faculty shall ensure that all personnel associated with their project have completed all the required safety modules. If other safety modules apply for specific hazardous work, beyond those listed below, it is the responsibility of the faculty/researcher to also acquire additional training of themselves and their personnel as required by the OP. The safety modules are available from the following link on the TTU Safety Training website.

Following the completion of these safety modules, please have all personnel submit their completion certificates to Anna Thomas & Jeff Livingston for archival before conducting any work onsite.


Please contact Anna Thomas to set up an ERAIDER acccount.