Texas Tech University.

West Texas Mesonet Continues to Grow

West Texas Mesonet station number 60 stands in a field at Pine Springs in Texas.

Photo (above) of West Texas Mesonet (WTM) station number 60 located at Pine Springs. The photo is looking west at El Capitan on the left (at 8100 feet) and Guadalupe Peak in the center background (at 8751 feet - the highest point in Texas). WTM GUMO (the station identification code) elevation is at 5571 feet. The station is 120 miles east of El Paso and is a partnership with the National Park Service, the National Weather Service offices in both Midland and Lubbock, and the National Weather Service Southern Region headquarters. Please check out the new station: here.

Keep in touch with WTM activities:http://www.mesonet.ttu.edu/index.html.

Photo credit: Wes Burgett.