Texas Tech University

Visiting Speaker: Dr. Guoji Xu, Ph.D. (LSU)

NWI - Visiting Professor Dr. Guoji Xu from Louisiana State University


The National Wind Institute was honored to welcome Dr. Guoji Xu (above), Ph.D. and Research Assistant in Computer Science and Engineering at Louisiana State University.

Dr. Xu gave a presentation titled "Application of Computational FLuid Dynamics (CFD) in Structural/Coastal/Wind Engineering" to a large audience when he visited campus on Wednesday, April 05.



Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) has been widely used in many engineering disciplines due to its robust capabilities in the numerical simulations and the advances of the computational power as its backend. Since many coastal low-lying bridges in the United States along the Gulf Coast were damaged in recent hurricane seasons, their failure agents are preliminarily identified as the hurricane induced wave forces. This triggers substantial research efforts made on better designing new bridges and retrofitting existing bridges such that these bridges may survive future similar natural events. In this talk, I will present one application of CFD in bridge deck-wave interaction, which provides in-depth insight in the bridge failure mechanisms and proposes mitigation methods and modification factors to the AASHTO code (Guide Specifications for Bridges Vulnerable to Coastal Storms). Then, I will briefly demonstrate applications of data mining techniques in bridge deck-wave interaction. Finally, I will end my talk with a discussion on key challenges and future applications of CFD, such as setting up more advanced numeri-cal wind tunnel in the mountainous area, multi-hazard analysis for coastal structures, and structural dynamic analysis.

Thank you to everyone who attended this event.