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NWI Interim Director’s Welcome

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Welcome to the National Wind Institute (NWI) at Texas Tech University. NWI is world-renowned for conducting innovative research in the areas of wind energy, wind hazard mitigation, wind-induced damage, severe storms, and wind-related economics.

NWI is also home to world-class researchers with expertise in numerous academic fields such as atmospheric science, civil, mechanical and electrical engineering, mathematics and economics, and NWI was the first in the nation to offer a Ph.D. degree in Wind Science and Engineering, and a BS degree in Wind Energy.

NWI has always been an inclusive, interdisciplinary institute with faculty and students from various disciplines crossing boundaries to collaborate. This culture is not easy to establish within the confines of a university, and NWI has been doing it for 40 years! However, in December 2012, Texas Tech University removed many of the cross college barriers that typically inhibit interdisciplinary research, and NWI is now in better shape than ever to bridge these gaps.

For those of you who do not know me, I have spent the majority of my career bridging the gap between the atmospheric science and engineering communities in an area best described as wind science. I'm a firm believer in the phrase "you can learn a lot by looking," so I have spent my career building measurement technologies to make unique atmospheric observations, and then analyzing the collected information to extract new information about the structure of near-surface wind flow.

I have always enjoyed field work in thunderstorms and hurricanes, because there are a myriad of logistical concerns to consider. A heightened level of planning is required to execute an experimental plan in a design-level wind event, and you simply cannot afford to miss an opportunity as you may not get another one for many years.

NWI is a tremendous institute with a large collection of collaborative faculty, a unique suite of technical capabilities and facilities, a growing list of impressive public and private partners, and educational opportunities that are unmatched anywhere. NWI has an opportunity to significantly and positively impact society through innovative research, education and outreach focused on all things wind.


John Schroeder, Ph.D.  

Director, NWI

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