Texas Tech University.

WiSE Has Strong Attendance at AMS Hurricane Conference

WiSE and ATMO faculty, alumnii and graduates attended the AMC Hurricane Conference.

WiSE and ATMO had a strong attendance at the recent 2012 American Meterological Society Conference at Ponte Verde Beach, FL. This was the 30th conference on Hurricanes and Tropical Meteorology and was held from 15-20 April.

(Above photo): WiSE and ATMO representatives at the AMS Hurricane Conference for 2012. (L-R) WiSE Ph.D. student Rich Krupar III, TTU ATMO grad Dr. Sylvie Lorsolo, WiSE Director Dr. John Schroeder, WiSE grad Dr. Ian Giammanco, ATMO grad Dr. Brian Hirth, ATMO grad Dr. Brian Zachary, and TTU WiSE grad Tim Marshall. (Photo credit: Tim Marshall.)