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Wind Energy Graduate Certificate Program: Case Studies

About the Program

TTU’s National Wind Institute (NWI) is proudly collaborating with industry leader, DNV GL, to provide an on-line accredited certification that includes case-studies focused on up-to-date issues in the wind power field. on up-to-date issues in the wind power field.

DNV GL is a global certification and technical assurance company with 30 years of experience in the wind industry.

This program is for wind energy professionals or those interested in the renewable electric power industry, and allows students to take five graduate-level courses and receive a Graduate Certificate in Wind Energy upon completion and a TTU-DNV GL certification after completing the first two Wind Energy classes.

Using a combination of in-class and online formats, this certification program will enable global access to cutting edge instruction based on real-life case studies. There are two tracks, both of which may be completed by taking courses as resident students or as distance-education students:

  • Technical Track - designed for professionals working in the technical aspects of the industry such as engineering, manufacturing, or design.
  • Managerial Track -designed for professionals working in wind farm development, economics or in managerial or supervisory positions.

Presently, the TTU-DNV GL two-course certification is offered for a limited time and will start in Fall 2014 until its completion in Summer 2017.


Classes will be led by TTU-NWI Wind Energy faculty and DNV GL experts who will draw from the company’s 30 years of experience in the wind industry. There are two required courses for each track (WE 5310 - Advanced Managerial Wind Energy I and WE 5311 - Advanced Managerial Wind Energy II and WE 5300 - ADvanced Technical Wind Energy I and WE 5301 - ADvanced Technical Wind Energy II) which, once completed,TTU will earn the DNV GL/TTU Managerial Wind Energy Certification.

To continue to complete the certification for the Graduate Certificate Program in Wind Energy will require completion of three (3) additional courses (a total of five courses).

Admission Requirements
  • Successful completion of Bachelor's degree from an accredited university

All THREE steps are required before the process can formally begin.

  • For general cost and financial requirements, see here.
  • For more specific financial information about the program, see here.


  • Email Dr. Andy Swift, Associate Director, Education, National Wind Institute, TTU.

For All Things Wind: TTU National Wind Institute.