Undergraduate in Wind Energy

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  • Go to appointments.ttu.edu
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  • Select National Wind Institute for your location
  • Select Kacey Young as the advisor
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Global Component

In today's globalized wind energy job market, students who are exposed to a foreign language, participate in a study abroad program, or gain job experience through an internship with an international company are considered more marketable and competitive. Students will complete the university's foreign language requirement, either by completing two years of high school foreign language or two semesters at the college level, and choose from the following global component options:

  • International internship Option:
    • Complete an approved internship with an international company, either in the U.S. or abroad, related to the wind energy field. Two hundred hours of job related experience and a written report are required to earn 3 credit hours of internship credit. Internships should be completed during the student's junior or senior year of coursework. Instructor approval required.
  • Study abroad Option:
    • Complete an approved study abroad experience through the International Texas Tech Center, a Texas Tech approved reciprocal exchange program, or a faculty-led program. Students must enroll in and successfully complete 3 credit hours of coursework with a grade of C or better to satisfy 3 credit hours of the global component. Departmental consent required.
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