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Undergraduate Minor in Wind Energy

Program Overview

This minor consists of 18 hours of undergraduate wind energy courses. All courses must be approved by a wind energy advisor, and a grade of C or better achieved in each course. Wind energy is a multidisciplinary field and some concepts will require a background in calculus and physics.

Related Degrees:

Certificate in Wind Energy

Bachelor of Science in Wind Energy

Application Process

To pursue a minor in wind energy, you will need to complete the Wind Energy Minor Form with a wind energy advisor.To set up an appointment, click here and follow the instructions below.

Schedule an Advising Appointment
  • Click the Here
  • Select Texas Tech University Office of the Provost for the College.
  • Select Academic Major/ Program : UN-BS-WE: Wind Energy
  • Select Kacey Young as the advisor.
  • Select a day and time that are available
Applicable Courses

WE 1300 Introduction to Wind Energy
WE 1310 Analytical Methods in Wind Energy
WE 1311 Principles of Wind Power Conversion
WE 2300 Social Impacts of Wind Energy
WE 2310 Methods for Wind Resource Characterization
WE 3100 Wind Energy Lab
WE 3300 Wind Energy Science and Technology I
WE 3301 Wind Energy Science and Technology II
WE 3310 Wind Energy Economics and Finance
WE 3315 Renewable Energy and the Environment
WE 4000 Internship in Wind Energy
WE 4300 Wind Energy Grid Integration
WE 4310 Wind Modeling and Design
WE 4311 Wind Energy Legal and Regulatory Issues