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Summer and Fall 2014 MyTech Registration

General Information

Advance Registration Schedule
(Currently Enrolled Students Only)

Classification Date

Graduates and Seniors Thursday, April 3
Friday, April 4
Monday, April 7
Tuesday, April 8,
Juniors Wednesday, April 9
Thursday, April 10
Friday, April 11
Sophomores Monday, April 14
Tuesday, April 15
Wednesday, April 16
Freshmen Thursday, April 17
Friday, April 18
Monday, April 21
Former Tech/Second Undergraduate Degree
Go to and complete "Returning
Student Form." Contact your major department for advisement.
Tuesday, April 22
Open Registration Wednesday, April 23

Procedure: Students enrolled during spring 2014 should contact their major department office.

Registration Schedule for New Freshmen and
Transfer Students Not Enrolled Previously
at Texas Tech

Classification Date

Summer I, 2014
Monday, June 2
Summer II, 2014
Monday, July 7
Fall , 2015 According to Summer Orientation attended

Change of College

Procedure: Contact the academic dean of the college to which you plan to transfer and obtain written permission.


Change in Registration (ADD-DROP)

ADDS: 1st Summer Session 2014

DROPS: 1st Summer Session 2014

ADDS: 2nd Summer Session 2014

DROPS: 2nd Summer Session 2014

ADDS: Fall Semester 2014

        • Last day to add — Thursday, August 28

    DROPS: Fall Semester 2014

        • Last Day to drop on MyTech without academic penalty (drop does not count against drop limit) — Wednesday, September 10
        • Beginning Thursday, September 11, all drops count against drop limit
        • Last day to drop ­— Monday, October 27

Withdrawal from Texas Tech University

1st Summer Session 2014

2nd summer session 2014

    Fall Semester 2014

      • Last day to withdraw from the university: Friday, November 28

    Procedure for Withdrawal:

  1. If you have previously received or currently are receiving financial aid, clear your withdrawal through the Financial Aid Office prior to completing withdrawal in Room 103 West Hall.
  2. If you are residing in a residence hall, clear your withdrawal through University Housing to completing withdrawal in Room 103 West Hall.
  3. For information on the tuition and fee schedule, see "Withdrawal Information" on the registrar's website at

Pass-Fail Declaration

1st Summer Session 2014

2nd Summer Session 2014

Fall 2014

  • Last day to declare Pass/Fail — Monday, October 27

Procedure: Complete a pass-fail form in the academic dean’s office of the college in which you are enrolled or visit the Registrar's Office Web site at and click on the "Pass/Fail Declarations" form.


Beginning Spanish

Students wishing to take Spanish 1501 (SPCS—South Plains College Spanish) must register for it through Texas Tech University, Department of Classical and Modern Languages and Literatures. Tuition and fees for the Spanish course will be paid to South Plains College.

Contact for beginning spanish                                                      Contact for beginning spanish
at Texas Tech                                                                                          at South Plains COLLEGE                                                      

           Liz Hildebrand                                                                                           Andrea Rangel
           Senior Advisor                                                                                           Dean of Admissions & Records
           806.742.4055                                                                                             South Plains College
                                                                                Levelland, TX
                                                                                                                              806.894.9611 ext. 2370