International Textile Center

Associate Professor Dean Ethridge, Director

Instructor Hequet.

The Master of Agriculture degree is offered with an emphasis in fiber and textile technology or fiber and textile management. The multidisciplinary program offers customized cross training needed by textile managers and cotton industry professionals. This program offers an in-depth study of two fieldsnatural fibers and textilesfor new graduates and those already working in the industry.

Professionals in the following areas might find the program beneficial: Plant and animal fiber breeders, farm production practices effecting fiber quality and textile performance, harvesting and ginning of fibers, fiber properties and their management, marketing of fibers, and manufacturing of textiles.

This is a nonthesis degree with a minimum of 36 semester hours of graduate course work required for graduation. A four-member advisory committee must approve the program of study. Core courses of PSS 5001, 5372, and 5374 are required. One course should be chosen from AAEC 5307, ANSC 5403, or ISQS 5346. Other courses should be selected from group lists within the department. Program details and descriptions of courses are available on the Web at <>, by calling the International Textile Center 806-747-3790, or by sending e-mail to <>.

The International Textile Center is located on east Loop 289 in a 110,000 square foot facility housing laboratories for materials evaluation, short staple spinning, long staple spinning, weaving, knitting, chemical finishing, chemical processing, and chemical analysis. The mission of the ITC is to research and promote Texas natural fibercotton, wool, mohair, and cashmere.

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