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The Texas Tech University Library offers a one-hour credit course designed to teach students how to do research in a university library. Information comes in a variety of forms. The plethora of printed publications (e.g. books, newspapers, magazines) and resources available on-line and on microform can be overwhelming. That is why it is so important to learn which resources are most appropriate for research assignment needs and how to find and use them. It is also important to know how to evaluate resources. "Introduction to Library Research" has three main objectives. They are to present the physical arrangement and services of the Texas Tech University Libraries, to provide an overview of the range of resources that a university library provides, and to outline a systematic plan for using these resources for a research paper or project. Only a small number of the available resources in the Texas Tech University Library are specifically cited in the course's workbook. However, the librarians teaching this course can direct students to library resources that are appropriate to their specific needs. The course consists of six lecture sessions, five workshops, a mid-term exam, a final exam, and a practicum exam. Additional information may be obtained from the Assistant Head of Information Services for Library Instruction, Dr. Jon R. Hufford.

Courses in Library Research. (LIBR)

1100. Introduction to Library Research (1:1:0). Designed to teach students how to do basic research in a university library.

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