Fine Arts

Professor Thomas A. Langford, Director.

An interdisciplinary doctoral program leading to the Ph.D. degree in Fine Arts is offered by the faculties in Art, Music, and Theatre and Dance. The general aim of this program is to develop leadership in the fine arts. Accordingly, the curriculum involves an interdisciplinary approach to make candidates aware of the full scope and educational interrelatedness of the arts.

The program requires a minimum of 48 semester hours of graduate course work beyond the master's degree30 in the major area and 18 in an interdisciplinary core of art, music, philosophy, and theatre arts. In addition, the program requires at least 12 hours enrollment in dissertation.

Work in the major area ordinarily involves a basic core along with an individualized curriculum that allows the candidate to pursue a professional goal relating to personal interests and competencies.

Each candidate will write a formal dissertation, ordinarily in the major area; however, students with appropriate backgrounds may be permitted to do interdisciplinary dissertations. The nature of the dissertation project may vary among three plans: traditional or interdisciplinary research, research devoted to solving a professional problem, or research based on an internship experience. Regardless of the option chosen, however, the research will culminate in a formal document submitted to the Dean of the Graduate School.

In addition to meeting the Graduate School's minimal requirements for admission, applicants must also be approved by their major departments and by the Fine Arts Doctoral Committee. All applicants for the program must have completed a master's degree or its equivalent with emphasis in some area of the arts.

Studies in fine arts management may be pursued within the Interdisciplinary Studies master's program. This flexible option allows students to develop management leadership for fine arts institutions and governmental agencies. Courses in business administration and public administration, as well as in the arts, are available.

Core courses for the doctoral program are as follows:

Courses in Fine Arts. (FA)

5314. Interdisciplinary Perspectives in the Arts (3:3:0). An interdisciplinary course focusing upon the arts in their respective historical and cultural environments. A core course for the doctoral program in fine arts.

Core Courses

ART 5310. Historical and Critical Perspectives in the Visual Arts (3:3:0).

ART 5314. The Visual Arts in Contemporary Context (3:3:0).

MUSI 5310. Historical and Critical Perspectives in Music (3:3:0).

MUSI 5314. Music in Contemporary Context (3:3:0).

PHIL 5310. History of Aesthetics (3:3:0).

PHIL 5314. Contemporary Aesthetics (3:3:0).

THA 5310. Historical and Critical Perspectives in Theatre Arts (3:3:0).

THA 5314. Theatre Arts in Contemporary Context (3:3:0).

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