Multidisciplinary Science

Associate Dean Allan D. Headley, Coordinator.

This interdisciplinary program leading to a Master of Science degree with a major in MULTIDISCIPLINARY SCIENCE is administered by the Associate Dean of the Graduate School with faculty and courses drawn from participating units throughout the University. The program is designed to meet the professional needs of K­12 teachers of science. The program requires the completion of 36 semester hours of graduate courses in the sciences, mathematics, and science education culminating with the completion of a special project.

Program Courses

ATMO 5302. Weather, Climate, and Applications (3:3:0).

BIOL 5311. Ecology for Teachers (3:3:0).

BIOL 5312. Cellular and Molecular Biology for Teachers (3:3:0).

CHEM 5360. Conceptual Chemistry for Teachers I (3:3:0).

CHEM 5361. Conceptual Chemistry for Teachers II (3:3:0).

EDSE 5377. Science Curriculum and Instruction (3:3:0).

GEOL 5340. Advances in Historical Geology (3:3:0).

I S 5301. The Nature of Science for Teachers (3:3:0).

MATH 5360. Advanced Mathematics for Teachers I (3:3:0).

MATH 5364. Computer Literacy and Programming I (3:3:0).

PHYS 5371. Conceptual Physics for Teachers (3:3:0).

PHYS 5372. Astronomy for Teachers (3:3:0).

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