Department of Environmental Toxicology

Professor Ronald Kendall, Chairperson.

Professor Dixon; Associate Professors Anderson, Cobb, Dickerson, Hooper, and Wang; Assistant Professors McMurry, Smith, and Theodorakis;

This department offers study in the following degree programs: ENVIRONMENTAL TOXICOLOGY, Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy.

The Department of Environmental Toxicology offers a graduate program within the College of Arts and Sciences as well as a variable credit course for undergraduates. The course is designed to provide undergraduate students the opportunity to conduct scientific research in environmental toxicology at the Institute of Environmental and Human Health. Generally, a background in the natural, physical, or health sciences will provide the necessary preparatory work for completion of this course. Interested students should contact faculty within the department.

Courses in Environmental Toxicology. (ENTX)

4000. Undergraduate Research in Environmental Toxicology (V1-3). Prerequisite: 15 hours of biology or chemistry, junior or senior standing, and consent of instructor. Selected research problems according to the needs of the student. May be repeated for credit.

4301. Special Topics in Environmental Toxicology (3:3:0). Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. Special areas of current interest not commonly included in other undergraduate courses (e.g., wildlife toxicology, pesticides in the environment).

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