Cooperative Education

The Cooperative Education program integrates classroom study with paid, practical, and supervised work training in public and private employment situations. By applying their academic training in a work setting, students not only enhance their self-confidence while earning wages, but they also gain career direction and may receive offers for future full-time employment. Co-op programs include both the alternating and parallel patterns. The alternating option allows students to alternate semesters of work and school, working a minimum of two semesters. The parallel plan permits students to work at least 15 to 20 hours per week concurrently with their academic progression. Students considering a co-op experience should consult with an advisor in Career Planning and Placement as early as possible. In addition, the student must obtain approval from his or her departmental advisor before enrolling. Ordinarily a student must have completed the sophomore year to be considered for the program.

Courses in Cooperative Internship. (COIN)

3000. Cooperative Internship (V1-6). Supervised internship in an approved industrial or professional establishment. Approval of enrollment by Co-op program required.

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