Texas Tech offers graduate study opportunities that are far more affordable than those at other institutions. Not only is the State of Texas known nationwide for its low tuition rates (as recognized by the Chronicle of Higher Education), but Texas Tech is outstanding among the state's universities for its reasonable costs. Texas Tech is able to help most of its graduate students with some form of financial assistance, and with the below-average cost of living in Lubbock, graduate education at Texas Tech is an exceptional investment.

A number of fellowships are available for graduate work at Texas Tech, often directly through the departments, especially for doctoral work. Many departments also support graduate students through teaching assistantships and research assistantships, which must be requested from the department concerned. Some departments offer tuition scholarships as well, and by departmental nomination, Chancellor's Fellowships are available to qualified students to enhance assistantship stipends. Applications must be completed and the student must first be accepted by the Graduate School before departments can act on requests for fellowships and assistantships and make Chancellor's Fellowship nominations.

Further details on other work opportunities on campus and additional economic assistance are available by request in the Scholarships and Financial Aid publication through the Student Financial Aid Office, Box 45011, Lubbock, TX 79409.

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