School of Allied Health

Professor Shirley McManigal, Dean

Program of Physical Therapy

Professor H.H. Merrifield, Program Director.

Associate Professors Clopton and Marble; Assistant Professors Anchuthengil, Gable, Sawyer, and Sizer; Instructor Hrachovy; Academic Assistant Professors Brismee, Priest, Stickley, and Utzinger.

The Department of Rehabilitation Sciences offers study in the following graduate degree program: PHYSICAL THERAPY, Master of Physical Therapy. The master's degree in physical therapy is offered at three TTUHSC campuses­Amarillo, Lubbock, and Odessa. To be considered for admission, the applicant must have completed at least 90 semester hours of prerequisite courses with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above. Individuals already holding baccalaureate and graduate degrees in other fields are eligible for admission. They must have a minimum 3.0 GPA in the last 90 semester hours and meet the same requirements as all other applicants. See the physical therapy program for specific requirements.

Applications are accepted beginning September 1 preceding the year of expected matriculation. Applications must be received in the School of Allied Health Admissions and Student Affairs Office by January 15th to be considered for admission into the professional curriculum, beginning the following June. It is the applicant's responsibility to assure that all required supporting documentation is received by the deadline.

Upon successful completion of the professional program, students are eligible to take the state licensure examination which is required in order to practice as a physical therapist.

Further information about the program, school requirements, and other related matters may be obtained from the School of Allied Health.

Courses in Allied Health Physical Therapy. (AHPT)

5102. Health Care Ethics (1:1:0).

5104. Clinical Education (1:1:0).

5109. Clinical Observation (1:0:4).

5120. Current Medical Diagnosis and Treatment II (1:1:0).

5140. Clinical Seminar (1:15:0).

5200. Introduction to Patient Management (2:1:3).

5202. Principles of Kinesiology (2:1:3).

5203. Pathology (2:2:0).

5206. Pharmacology (2:2:0).

5210. Biostatistics (2:2:0).

5221. Applied Physiology (2:2:0).

5222. Cardiac Pulmonary Evaluation and Management (2:1:3).

5223. Research Process I (2:2:0).

5224. Research Process II (2:2:0).

5225. Motor Behavior (2:2:0).

5226. Personnel Management (2:2:0).

5227. Current Medical Diagnosis and Treatment I (2:2:0).

5241. Current Medical Diagnosis and Treatment III (2:2:0).

5244. Research Process III (2:2:0).

5245. Research Process IV (2:2:0).

5246. Health Care Administration (2:2:0).

5247. Health Care Issues (2:2:0).

5302. Patient Evaluation and Management II (3:2:3).

5305. Clinical Kinesiology (3:2:3).

5307. Pathophysiology (3:3:0).

5308. Clinical Affiliation I (3:0:40).

5320. Human Growth and Development (3:3:0).

5328. Clinical Affiliation II (3:0:40).

5342. Gerontology (3:3:0).

5349. Rehabilitation Technology (3:2:3).

5401. Patient Evaluation and Management I (4:2:5).

5440. Neuroscience for Physical Therapists (4:3:3).

5500. Human Anatomy (5:3:8).

5529. Musculoskeletal Evaluation and Management (5:2:9).

5543. Neuro Assessment and Rehabilitation (5:2:9).

5948. Clinical Affiliation III (9:0:40).

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