Common Questions About the Admission Process

Can I call to check the status of my application?

Due to Federal privacy laws, information concerning admission decisions will not be given over the phone or by facsimile transmission. The only information we will release is whether or not the file is complete.

What is the application fee?

The application fee is $50.

Where do I mail my application and recommendation letters?

Texas Tech University School of Law
Admissions Office
1802 Hartford
Box 40004
Lubbock, Texas 79409-0004

When is the deadline for applications?

February 2, 1999

Can I apply after the deadline?

Persons applying after February 1 will be considered for admission but should understand that their chances of selection are diminished because their files will be considered after the regular applicant pool is reviewed.

Can the application be used for any semester?

First-year students are accepted only for the fall semester. This application may also be used by students wishing to visit our law school or requesting transfer. Each year you must complete a new application.

How are the applications processed?

Applications are processed on a rolling admission basis­reviewed upon completion of files beginning in November.

Are a personal statement and résumé required?


Are letters of recommendation required?

No, but if you would like to send letters of recommendation, we will accept up to three. Please see the enclosed addendum.

Who should mail letters of recommendation?

You may include letters of recommendation with your application, or the individuals writing the letters can send them directly to us. Do not delay filing an application for pending recommendation letters. The most helpful letters are those from individuals who have had an opportunity to evaluate your writing, research, or other work.

Where can I obtain an LSAT booklet?

You can obtain a booklet from most colleges in your area.

When are the LSAT tests given?

February, June, October, and December of each year. LSAT scores are good for three years.

What do I do about late LSAT scores?

Do not delay filing an application pending late LSAT scores. We will request your LSAT scores from Law Services upon receipt of your application.

How will you receive late transcript grades?

An updated transcript may be submitted to LSDAS at any time and the cumulative grade-point average will be recomputed to reflect the additional grades.

How does the "hold" process work?

Qualified applicants who are not accepted by May 1 due to space limitations are placed in a "hold" category. In the event accepted students withdraw, names will be selected from the "hold" list.

How soon will I be notified of my acceptance or rejection?

Once a decision is made, the applicant will be notified as soon as possible.

If I am accepted but decide to wait until next year, what do I do?

You will need to notify Admissions of your decision, and your application will be withdrawn. We retain files for 3 years. You must reapply and send in another application fee. Your new application will be combined with your old file.

What factors are weighed in making a decision on my application?

While considerable weight is placed upon your LSAT score and grade-point average, the committee looks beyond the quantitative data to such factors as background, experience, extracurricular activities and interests, and evidence of leadership qualities in making its admissions decisions.

Can I schedule a personal interview?

The large numbers of applicants and time limitations restrict us from granting personal interviews.

What is the cost of tuition, books, and supplies?

Tuition for first-year students who are residents of Texas is $160 per semester hour. Students who are nonresidents must pay tuition of $329 per semester hour. All students will have additional expenses of approximately $935 in fees and $300-400 for books and supplies each semester. The average semester course load is 14-16 hours.

When do I file my Declaration of Intent to Study Law form?

The State Bar of Texas requires that all first-year students intending to take the Texas bar examination must file a Declaration of Intent to Study Law by September 15 for students who entered in May or by December 1 for students who entered in August. Forms will be available at orientation. The filing fee is $125 and this fee must accompany the Declaration form. New rules require that all first year law students submit a set of fingerprints with the Declaration form.

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