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Foreign Language Requirement

Unless the second year of credit in a single foreign language has been received before entrance into the University, one year (or the equivalent) of a single language must be taken at the college level. This can be accomplished by successful completion of e.g. SPAN 1502 or 1507. For most programs in the College of Arts and Sciences, sophomore level proficiency is required. International students whose native language is not English and who graduated from a secondary school using primarily their native languages may satisfy this requirement by bringing their certificate of graduation to the student's academic dean's office.

Students who take freshman level courses (e.g. SPAN 1501, 1502) to satisfy the foreign language graduation requirement may not use those courses to satisfy any other specified University degree requirements. Hours in the required freshman level language courses may count toward free elective hours included in any baccalaureate degree.

The foreign language requirement may be met through credit-by-examination, described elsewhere in this catalog.

Any foreign language courses not used to satisfy other General Education Requirements may be used to satisfy the humanities requirement.

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