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Student Legal Services. A program designed to bring legal advice and guidance within the reach of students was inaugurated at Texas Tech in 1973. The office is staffed by a licensed attorney and law clerks. The legal office is located on the third floor of West Hall; appointments are encouraged.

The primary objectives of the program are to afford the students confidential legal advice on individual problems and to establish an educational office designed to inform the students of their obligations and duties as well as their rights as defined by a system of law. Informal lectures on legal topics of concern to students are conducted on request.

The attorney for students is unable to represent students in court; however, most cases are resolved through negotiation, advice, and proper direction. The office is dedicated to the concept of preventive law.

Bookstore. The Texas Tech Bookstore is conveniently located on the campus at 15th and Akron. It is the central clearing point for textbook requirements. The bookstore has the highest percentage of used books possible offered for sale and students are encouraged to sell back their books at the end of each semester.

The bookstore offers a wide selection of books for reference and supplementary course work. Included are bestsellers, special interest areas, local authors, regional interest, technical books, teachers' aids, children's books, and a large assortment of study aids.

In addition to books, the bookstore carries art, lab, engineering, school, and office supplies; personal use items; computer accessories; academically priced computer software; Texas Tech sportswear; class rings; insignia gift items; and academic regalia. Gift certificates may be purchased.

The bookstore accepts personal checks, MasterCard, Visa, Discover Card, American Express, and Tech Express. Personal checks for up to $10 may be cashed with a valid ID. Store hours are 7:45 a.m. to 5 p.m., weekdays, and 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., Saturdays. Extended hours are offered at the beginning of each long semester.

Career Planning and Placement Center. This office, located on the third floor of West Hall, provides a number of services designed to assist all Texas Tech University students and alumni in their career development and job search efforts.

Each year, representatives from hundreds of organizations visit the campus to conduct employment interviews with graduating students. Degree candidates are strongly urged to use this service, normally beginning within one year of their graduation. In addition to an extensive on-campus interviewing program, many other employers will list specific vacancies within their organizations or ask the center for referrals of graduates seeking employment. An extensive series of workshops and seminars covering such topics as writing effective resumes, job search strategies, and interviewing techniques is offered each semester and all students are encouraged to participate. Graduating students and students seeking internship or co-op opportunities should also take full advantage of individual career counseling, the Career Planning and Placement Library, the annual Career Information Day, establishment of a placement credential file, and the resources available through the World Wide Web.

Underclass students may participate in career exploration programs, visit with counselors to discuss career goals, use the career library, participate in Career Days, and use the computerized career guidance systemsSIGI-PLUS and Discover. These are particularly helpful to students who are undecided about their career goals. The office also has a summer employment program that covers a range of opportunities.

Cultural Entertainment. Each year University Center Cultural Events, by recommendation of the Artists and Speakers Committee, presents the finest performing arts and lecture programs available. Performing arts programs range from classical to innovative music, theatre, and dance programs. The lectures involve a variety of issues and new ideas presented by leaders in their fields. Students have the opportunity to be involved with these events through attendance, residency activities (class visits, master classes, workshops), and serving on the Artists and Speakers Committee. Student members are selected by the Student Government Association from applications submitted in the spring.

Students wishing to become involved with the implementation of a popular arts program may wish to join University Center Programs. These student volunteers present everything from small hands-on arts events to the large music, dance, theatre, and visual arts events on tour and spotlight local musicians and artists just starting out in Lubbock. Members are involved in program planning, public relations, advertising, management, writing, and graphic arts. Through this experience, students learn skills that, combined with their academic work, will give them an edge when they leave the University.

Dean of Students Office. The Dean of Students Office provides a range of student life programs and services recognizing that the academic mission of the institution is preeminent, each student is unique, bigotry cannot be tolerated, feelings affect thinking and learning, student involvement enhances learning, personal circumstances affect learning, out-of-class environments affect learning, a supportive and friendly community life helps students learn, the freedom to doubt and question must be guaranteed, effective citizenship should be taught, and students are responsible for their own lives (a Perspective on Student Affairs). The major areas of responsibility include:

·Adult Learners ·Grounds Use Requests

·Code of Student Conduct ·Leadership Development

·Cultural Diversity ·Solicitation Requests

·Crisis Intervention ·Special Academic Withdrawals

·Dance Marathon ·Student Affairs Handbook

·Disabled Student Support ·Student Grievances

·Freshman Year Experience ·Student Life Research

·Graduate Assistantships and Internships ·Who's Who

·Greek Life

Forensics and Dramatics. Students who meet general eligibility requirements may participate in intramural and intercollegiate debate and the full range of individual events, both public address and oral interpretation. Both contest and noncontest events are held on campus and at other colleges. The Forensics Union (housed in the Communication Studies Department) and Delta Sigma Rho are active in sponsoring campus-wide speech activities.

Students may also participate in the plays presented by the Department of Theatre and Dance and in activities of its related organizationsAlpha Psi Omega, Chi Tau Epsilon, Applause Entertainment Company, and the U.S. Institute of Theatre Technology. Students may participate in acting, stage makeup, costuming, lighting, scene design and construction, publicity, and other activities connected with play production. Main stage productions, laboratory theatre productions, and a summer repertory season are presented each year.

Grievance Procedures. A number of opportunities are available to students for redress of grievances. In general, students wishing to review the action of a particular individual or department should direct their questions to the person responsible for the individual or department in the University organizational structure. Several procedures for handling specific problems have been established to expedite the filing and hearing of student concerns. Questions involving academic matters should first be directed to the appropriate academic college office. Grievance procedures are described in the Student Affairs Handbook and questions may be directed to the Dean of Students Office, 250 West Hall.

Cultural Diversity Center. This center assists the University in providing equal educational opportunities for every student. The CDC works to enhance Texas Tech's minority recruitment and retention by sponsoring activities and programs that bring positive attention to the contributions of ethnic minorities. Committed to diversity, the CDC can provide students, faculty, and staff with resources designed to expand their overall awareness of culture and its impact in modern society. For more information, contact the Cultural Diversity Center, 250 West Hall, (806) 742-2192.

Music Organizations. The University is represented by the following official touring musical organizations: University Choir, Symphonic Band, Marching Band, Jazz Ensemble, Music Theatre, and Symphony Orchestra. Students may also participate in the University Singers, Women's Ensemble, Madrigal Singers, Lubbock Chorale, Court Jesters, Brass Band, Concert Band, Varsity Band, Jazz Bands and Combos, Brass Choir, Mixed Chamber Orchestra, Woodwind Ensemble, Guitar Ensemble, String Ensemble, Harp Ensemble, Flute Ensemble, Clarinet Choir, French Horn Ensemble, Trombone Ensemble, Trumpet Choir, Tuba Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble, New Music Ensemble, and Piano Accompanying. Each organization is under the direction of a faculty member of the School of Music and is open to any student who is officially enrolled in the University and meets academic requirements. Each group studies a broad repertoire and gives a number of public performances annually.

Participation in Extracurricular Activities. A broad program of extracurricular activities at Texas Tech offers students opportunities for fellowship, leadership, recreation, and cooperative interaction with faculty members and each other. Students may participate in clubs and societies, publications, sports, music, drama, forensics, and other activities according to their interests and abilities.

Graduate students may also participate in extracurricular activities and are encouraged to affiliate with honor societies for which they are qualified.

Each student participating in an off-campus activity of any type does so on a voluntary basis. Parents and students should understand that students are responsible for their own safety and welfare while participating in an off-campus activity and that such participation is at the student's own risk. Texas Tech University assumes no responsibility for students participating in off-campus activities. Students are responsible for making their own individual arrangements with instructors for class work missed while participating in an off-campus activity.

For students involved in Big 12 sports, eligibility rules for the Big 12 Conference are administered by the Texas Tech Athletic Council.

Additional information on student organizations and activities may be obtained from the Student Organizations Services Office, University Center, (806) 742-3621.

Student Health Insurance Plan. All students attending Texas Tech on a full-time basis (according to University definition) may subscribe to a supplemental Student Health Insurance plan that provides 24-hour coverage on or off campus while in any hospital or under the care of any qualified physician (according to the policy provisions). The 12-month plan covers all vacations and remains in force even though the student graduates or drops out of school. The policy is effective for the academic year or can be purchased by term (see policy for details). Married students may include their spouses and children for an additional premium. New spring students may enroll at a prorated premium with coverage terminating at the end of that academic year. Complete information on the insurance program is mailed to each new student. Claim forms are available in the Student Government Association Office in the University Center and the Dean of Students Office, 250 West Hall. For further information or assistance, contact Student Affairs, 213 Administration Building, (806) 742-2131.

Student Conduct. Responsible citizenship among college students includes honesty and integrity in class work, regard for the rights of others, respect for local, state, and federal laws and for campus standards. Specific standards concerning the rights and responsibilities of students and registered student organizations at Texas Tech are contained in the Code of Student Conduct and Student Affairs Handbook and students are expected to become thoroughly familiar with and abide by these standards. Copies of the Handbook and Code of Student Conduct may be obtained from the Dean of Students Office, 250 West Hall.

Student Government. The Student Government Association is Texas Tech's student government. The SGA provides students with opportunities to excel through involvement with committees, the Student Senate, and executive offices. The SGA also provides many services to students, including student insurance information packets, housing guides, the WORD magazine, new students guide, information maps about Citibus routes, Moment's Notice, and other programs and publications.

The Student Government Association also supports student organizations through a funding process that allocates a portion of student services fees to individual groups. The three executive officers­President, Internal Vice President, and External Vice President­work to represent the views and needs of students to the administration and local and state government. The Student Government Association is always receptive to new programs and practices that can benefit our students. The office is located in Room 230 University Center; phone number is 742-3631; Web address is

Student Health Services. Student Health is a primary care clinic staffed with licensed health care professionals who provide care for minor illnesses and injuries, with a focus on prevention.

Students enrolled for 4 or more semester hours pay a medical services fee that entitles them to necessary visits to Student Health Services and access to other services, when appointments are available. A valid Texas Tech ID is required to access the clinic services. Special services include Women's Health Care Clinic and Wellness Education. Student Health Services has in-house laboratory and x-ray departments that support the medical staff for health care needs. Pharmacy services are conveniently located in the same building. The pharmacy can fill most physician prescriptions, including those written by a family physician. The pharmacy offers many over-the-counter medications at a reduced price for Texas Tech students, including vitamins, sunscreen, allergy medication, cold and cough medications, skin care products, pain relievers, bandages, feminine products, and much more. Purchases at the pharmacy may be charged to major credit cards. Student Health's Nurse Clinic provides MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella), influenza, tetanus, TB testing, and hepatitis B immunizations at a nominal charge. The Nurse Clinic provides blood pressure and cholesterol screening at no cost, administers allergy desensitization shots, and performs pregnancy testing. If a student is unsure about a medical issue or problem, the student can call 743-2860 and speak to a nurse privately and confidentially. The Health Education Department provides information and presentations on health-related topics. Student Health Services also offers anonymous HIV testing and counseling.

Student Health Services is located in Thompson Hall at Drive of Champions and Flint Avenue on the north side of the campus. Services are available by appointment by calling 743-2848. Appointment hours are 8 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday-Friday. Summer hours may vary. If a student is sick and all appointments are taken for the day, an urgent care nurse will speak to the student to advise on care until the student can be seen. Care is provided at Student Health Services in Thompson Hall, and physicians do not make residence hall or house calls. As over 150 appointments are available daily for care, students have a wide variety of choices for appointment times, and conflicts with class schedules are very few. Students are not given excuses for missed classes due to a visit to the clinic. Students with a major illness may consult their physician at Student Health and may request a visit verification for excessive class absences due to that illness.

After-hours care is not covered by the medical services fee. However, Student Health Services has arranged for a discounted rate for Texas Tech University students at University Medical Center's Emergency Center and the Fast Track Medical Clinic, both of which are located in the Health Sciences Center building. Hospital care and outside referrals are not covered by the medical services fee.

Student Health Services is not a substitute for major medical insurance. Students should have their own insurance policies or check to see that they are covered by their parents' insurance. Students who are thus covered should carry an insurance card in case they need medical care not covered by the medical services fee. Students who do not have insurance or who are not covered by a family policy may buy student health insurance through a plan offered by the Student Government Association. Applications may be obtained from Student Health or from the Student Government Association, Room 230, University Center.

Texas Tech requires that all students born after December 31, 1956, provide proof of two MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) immunizations in their lifetime. The first immunization must have been received on or after the first birthday. The two immunizations must have been received at least 30 days apart. Students must meet this requirement by providing documentation of or receiving the immunization at Student Health by the fifth week of the first semester of enrollment. Failure to comply with this policy will result in a hold being placed on the student's records. Documentation may be mailed or faxed (743-1071) to Student Health Services or turned in at new student orientation. Students who have not received their second MMR prior to arriving on campus may obtain the immunization at new student orientation or at Student Health Services. There is a $5 charge for the MMR immunization. Although it is not a requirement, the Center for Disease Control recommends an annual TB test and the Hepatitis B immunization. These services are available for $7 and $35, respectively.

In accordance with state law, a student's medical information is kept completely confidential and cannot be released to anyone without the student's written permission. Brochures detailing Student Health Services are available in several locations on campus. Students may contact Student Health at 743-2860 with any questions or concerns.

Student Organizations. The University registers over 300 student organizations, giving them the opportunity to schedule events and to use University facilities designated for use by student organizations. An official list of registered student organizations is published annually by the Student Organization Services Office.

The University also recognizes 23 national social fraternities and 15 national social sororities governed by three coordinating councils: Interfraternity Council, Panhellenic Association, and National Pan-Hellenic Association. Most of the Greek letter social organizations own and operate their own meeting lodges in the immediate vicinity of the Texas Tech campus. The Dean of Students Office coordinates the activities of the Greek system at Texas Tech and can provide additional information to students interested in joining a fraternity or a sorority.

Student Part-time Employment. To assist worthwhile students who must, or wish to, finance themselves while in school and who are either not eligible for or do not choose to participate in one of the other financial aid programs, the Student Financial Aid Office administers a Student Part-time Employment service. A current listing of employment opportunities both on and off campus to which students may be referred is maintained. Since employers usually desire to have personal interviews before selecting an employee, it is preferable for students seeking employment through this service to wait until they come to the campus to check on openings. See also the section entitled "Student Financial Assistance."

Student Publications. The University Daily, the University student newspaper, is published daily, Monday through Friday. La Ventana is the University yearbook, published annually. Amigos! New Student and Freshman Directory for incoming students is also published annually. Each of these publications is staffed with paid and volunteer personnel from the student body. The Student Publications Committee, a student-faculty-staff committee, selects the student editors and reviews the annual budgets for both publications.

Student Recreation Center. Especially attractive is the $6 million Student Recreation Center. It is located on the west side of the campus next to the Recreational Aquatic Center and has 131,000 square feet of recreation space. Included in the building are twelve handball-racquetball courts; a squash court; three multipurpose rooms that house the martial arts, wrestling, tumbling, fencing, aerobics, and indoor archery; a 280' by 115' gymnasium with five basketball courts or five tennis courts, or six volleyball courts, or twelve badminton courts, or any combination of the above; two weight areas including a new 5,100 square foot olympic weight area; cardiovascular workout machines; a punching bag room; a rock-climbing wall; two locker rooms with saunas; an outdoor shop; a recreational workshop; a classroom; offices; and a lounge.

University Testing, Evaluation, Assessment, and Measurement Center. The University TEAM Center provides assessment services based on test samples of individual and group performances. Academic testing programs include national and institutional testing programs such as Law School Admissions Test (LSAT), Medical School Aptitude Test (MCAT), Graduate Record Exam (GRE), and others (GMAT, PCAT, SAT, ACT). Academic institutional testing includes Credit-by-Examination, College Level Examination Program (CLEP), and others such as CEEB. Programs include special testing for persons with certified handicaps, Differential Diagnostic Testing, and consulting for Academic Strengths, Vocational Interests, Career Aptitudes, and Learning Problems. Additional group and individual services are available as staffing and time allow. The Testing Office is located in 213 West Hall.

University Center. The University Center is one of the few buildings on campus specifically constructed and operated for the out-of-class activities of the campus community. The building features the outstanding Allen Theatre, a large covered courtyard, and numerous services and facilities for the use and convenience of its patrons.

The list of retail and service areas in the UC is extensive. Continued effort is expended to determine the goods and services that will most benefit the campus community and new areas are added to those available in the center. Service areas include Raider Express, Texas Tech's first convenience store; High Tech, the campus computer store that features many lines of computers, peripherals, and software; the American State Bank branch; and PostTech, the University retail postal and shipping service.

Numerous options are available in food services. In the fast food area, Chick-fil-A serves sandwiches and salads. Pizza Hut Express serves pizza and salads. Cappuccino's offers gourmet coffees, espresso, cappuccino, and a variety of fresh bakery items. A Blimpie's Subs and Sandwiches is also part of the fast food area. Complete lunch choices are available in a comfortable atmosphere at the Raider Rock Grill.

The Catering service is capable of serving the needs of every event from the most extravagant dinner service for hundreds to a simple refreshment break for a very small group. Every function that could possibly fall between the two can be done by University Caterers. The whole of UC Food Service is dedicated to providing the absolute best in products and services whether it is a cup of coffee before classes or a comprehensive banquet function.

The UC also offers twelve meeting rooms, including two ballrooms, which may be used by any campus department at nominal charges. Registered student organizations can use meeting spaces at no charge. The Games Room has pocket billiards, snooker, billiards, and table tennis. In addition, more than 35 electronic games are there to test players' skills. The center offers a check cashing service; automated teller machines; a posting area for services, housing, and for-sale notices; and houses the Student Government Association.

Besides providing many facilities for student and faculty use, the University Center has a multifaceted activities area that provides programs for the Texas Tech and Lubbock communities, skill development opportunities for individual students, services for campus organizations, and coordination of major campus events. University Center Activities is located on the second floor of the center and houses UC Cultural Events, UC Programs, Student Organizations Services, the Community Action Network (CAN), and the Ticket Booth.

The goal of UC Cultural Events is to provide Texas Tech with the highest quality of distinguished speakers and performing artists. These programs are recommended by the University Artists and Speakers Committee that is composed of faculty and students. The programs are implemented by a professional activities staff; the money to finance the programs comes from student service fees, grants, and income generated by the programs.

The mission of UC Programs is two-fold: while providing the Texas Tech community with entertaining and educational activities, the fifty-plus volunteer students working in UC Programs receive an invaluable out-of-class experience, by selecting and implementing those very activities. A professional activities staff serves as advisors to the five committees, which are Texas Tech Today, Concerts, Cultural Exchange, Fine Arts, and Ideas and Issues.

Student Organizations Services is a branch of the Activities Office designed to meet the needs of over 300 Texas Tech student organizations by providing leadership development workshops, event advisement for campus groups, the Student Organizations Handbook, student organization newsletter, and a ready reference resource library.

The SOS Office can also assist students in contacting student organizations, their presidents, or advisors. Besides working with student groups, this office also serves as the coordinating resource for homecoming, numerous leadership-related activities, community service projects, and campus spirit organizations.

The newest part of UC Activities is the Community Action Network, CAN. This area oversees activities and the educational components of community service, environmental concerns, tutoring, literacy, and group projects such as "The Spirit of Sharing" in December. Through on-going programs, students may become involved in projects that meet their needs in terms of time commitment, area of service, and degree of participation.

The UC Ticket Booth serves as the major outlet for advance ticket sales for all of the Cultural Events and UC Programs functions. The service is also provided free of charge to any registered student organization. The Ticket Booth is also a location for Select-A-Seat, the computerized ticketing service that allows campus access to events at venues in Lubbock and across the region including major concerts and shows. It is open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Hours of operation of the University Center are 7 a.m. to 10:30 p.m., weekdays; 7 a.m. to 11:30 p.m., Friday; 8 a.m. to 11:30 p.m., Saturday; and 2 to 10:30 p.m., Sunday.

High Tech Computer Store. The campus computer store is located in the east basement of the University Center. High Tech offers hardware, software, and peripherals at discount prices. High Tech is open to all students, faculty, and staff of Texas Tech. In addition, High Tech houses a factory authorized service department as well as professional staff to assist in selecting computers and software. High Tech is open from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., weekdays.

University Counseling Center. The Counseling Center assists students with personal, academic-educational, and vocational-career matters. It also schedules experiences in the form of developmental groups and marital and premarital counseling groups. The Counseling Center provides consultation services to faculty and staff on campus and is further involved with academic development through a College Reading Program and a minority peer counseling program entitled "Tech P.R.I.D.E." The evening Relationship Enhancement Center is open Monday-Thursday, 5-8 p.m. The Counseling Center provides workshops to freshmen entitled "Getting Ready for College" and for students on probation entitled "Success in College." The Counseling Center is available to any enrolled Texas Tech student and all information and services are confidential. The main office is 214 West Hall. Regular office hours are 8 a.m. until 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

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