University Writing Center

The mission of the UWC is to assist writers, regardless of their status (faculty or students, undergraduate or graduate), their level of proficiency, or their college, during the various stages of their writing projects; to create a supportive environment in which writers and their readers can work effectively one-to-one, both face-to-face as well as on-screen and on-line; and to train writing consultants to become knowledgeable, effective readers of and responders to texts from various disciplines.

Writing consultants will read and respond to texts at any stage of the writing process. Although writing consultants will address sentence level issues as well as global issues involving focus, organization, and development, they do not proofread or edit documents.

The University Writing Center, located in 310 English Building, is open 9-5, Monday-Friday. Writers may call the center to make appointments for 30-minute sessions or 60-minute sessions for longer projects. Writers may bring either hard copy or texts on disks (IBM or Mac) of their writing projects. The center also accepts electronic texts through e-mail­­for on-line consultations. Writers may access the University Writing Center through its Web pages at to submit texts electronically.

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