Department of Agricultural
Education and Communications

Professor Paul Vaughn, Chairperson.

Professor Cepica; Associate Professors Fraze and Lawver; Assistant Professors Kieth and Lockaby.

This department offers study in the following graduate degree program: AGRICULTURAL EDUCATION, Master of Science. The department also participates in the interdepartmental program leading to the Master of Agriculture degree with an option in agricultural communications or agricultural extension education.

Students seeking a master's degree in the Department of Agricultural Education and Communications should consult the department before enrolling in any courses. The Master of Science degree program may be completed with 30 hours of graduate courses plus a thesis, or 36 hours of graduate courses. The Master of Agriculture degree is a 36-hour program.

A Doctor of Education degree is available in cooperation with the College of Education for students who wish to have Agricultural Education as a support area. Students interested in this degree should consult the department before enrolling in courses.

Courses in Agricultural Education. (AGED)

5001. Contemporary Issues in Agricultural and Extension Education (V1-6). Study current issues and trends in agricultural and extension education and develop plans to improve the disciplines. May be repeated for up to 6 hours credit. F, S, SSI, SSII.

5301. Special Problems (3:3:0). Investigation of problems in agricultural education or extension education of special interest to the student. May be repeated for credit. F, S, SSI, SSII.

5302. Research Methods and Analyses in Agricultural and Extension Education (3:3:0). Application of research techniques in agricultural and extension education. Determining the correct research design, treatment of data, and dissemination of results. F.

5303. Advanced Computer Applications in Agricultural and Extension Education (3:3:0). Using computers in agricultural and extension education programs. Includes word processing, presentation graphics, desk-top publishing, and integrated software. F.

5304. Advanced Methods in Agricultural Leadership (3:3:0). Theory of motivation and behavior, leadership and management styles, change agents, and the adoption process. Practical application regarding agricultural occupations. SSI, SSII.

5305. Program Development in Agricultural and Extension Education (3:3:0). Development of a total agricultural education program in communities and counties using all available resources. SSI, SSII.

5306. History and Philosophy of Agricultural Education (3:3:0). Historical and philosophical foundations of agricultural education. Emphasis is on preparing leaders who can shape and interpret policy. S.

5307. Methods of Technological Change (3:3:0). Dynamics of cultural change as theoretical framework for planned technological change; methods of planning and implementing change, its effect, and how it can be predicted. SSI, SSII.

5308. Advanced Methods in Agricultural Education (3:3:0). Study and investigation of recent advances, concepts, and current problems in agricultural and extension education. Emphasis on programs for adults. S.

5309. Evaluation of Programs in Vocational, Technical, and Extension Education (3:3:0). Techniques in evaluating vocational, technical, and extension education programs. Principles and procedures of evaluation with emphasis on focusing, designing, reporting, and managing evaluation. SSI, SSII.

5310. College Teaching in Agriculture (3:3:3). Prerequisite: consent of instructor. Methods and techniques of teaching agriculture at the college level. Includes self-assessment, student assessment, course development, lesson planning, presentations, and evaluation. F.

5311. Planning for the Future in Agricultural Education (3:3:0). Study of current trends and future projections in agriculture and education, including their impact upon society and technology. S.

6000. Master's Thesis (V1-6).

7000. Research (V1-12).

Courses in Agricultural Systems Management. (AGSM)

5301. Investigations in Advanced Agricultural Mechanics (3). Individual study or investigation of an advanced phase of mechanized agriculture.

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