Academic Diversity

Established in 1923, Texas Tech is one of the youngest major research universities in the country. Consistent dedication to quality and research has earned numerous graduate programs national and international respect. From toxic waste research to archaeology, from land-use programs to nationally known laser fingerprint detection studies, the Texas Tech Graduate School offers unlimited opportunity for the aspiring scholar.

The Graduate School is remarkable for its diversity, offering nearly 100 different master's programs and some 50 doctoral programs, outnumbering those available at most other multipurpose universities. The Graduate School at Texas Tech has conferred 22,488 master's degrees since its first master's degrees were awarded in 1929 and 3,692 doctorates since granting the first Ph.D. degree in 1952. The number of doctorates awarded during the last five years averaged 150, placing Texas Tech in close degree-granting competition with many of the nation's other major research universities. Last year, 804 master's degrees and 191 doctoral degrees were conferred.

The Graduate School strives to maintain flexibility through a combination of options from the traditional degree programs to progressive interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary choices. The Graduate School values the student's interests, personal research aims, and career goals. In keeping with that spirit, many outstanding facilities for interdisciplinary research are located at Texas Tech, including fifty specialized research centers and institutes. Some interdisciplinary programs are housed within specific colleges or a cluster of departments, while others are headquartered in the Graduate School itself. All of these programs are defined by the topic rather than by traditional disciplinary boundaries. Interdisciplinary subjects include comparative literature, ethnic studies, fine arts, linguistics, museum science, neuroscience, plant physiology, public administration, sports health, women's studies, and many more, in addition to approved student-designed options.

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