Opportunities for
Interdisciplinary Study

Degree Programs

The Graduate School of Texas Tech encourages interdisciplinary study and research, believing that our nation's complex society and the world's rich cultural heritage can be understood best from the perspective of many academic disciplines. Few settings offer a better opportunity for such study than the University with its graduate programs, libraries, laboratories, and diversely trained faculty. Although academic specialization is the common pattern in such an environment, the Graduate School is committed to building bridges and facilitating movement across the disciplines for those who are interested, and through the years has increased the opportunities for interdisciplinary work.

Several "named" interdisciplinary options appear below with their required courses. Students should also be aware of the existence of innumerable unnamed options, for which programs are designed by individual students in conjunction with the advisor for the Interdisciplinary Studies masters' programs in the Graduate School. Such flexibility in custom-designing programs affords maximum adaptability for the rapidly changing global marketplace.

The placement of this section at the beginning of the catalog's academic offerings is a conscious effort to make better known and more visible the many opportunities for interdisciplinary study at Texas Tech.

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