Neural and Behavioral Sciences

Associate Professor James A. Carr, Chairperson of the Neural and Behavioral Sciences Advisory Committee.

Neural and Behavioral Sciences is offered as an interdisciplinary minor for graduate students who wish to broaden their knowledge of the neural and behavioral sciences while gaining a sound academic background in basic areas such as the structure and function of the nervous system.

The Neural and Behavioral Sciences Advisory Committee supervises this program and coordinates related activities on campus such as seminars, student research, and consultation for students interested in further training in the neural and behavioral sciences. The committee is composed of faculty from the College of Arts and Sciences, the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, and the School of Medicine.

A doctoral minor normally consists of GIDN 5910 (Integrated Neurosciences: 9 semester hours) plus 9 semester hours outside the student's major field (selected from the following list). A master's minor normally consists of GIDN 5910. In special cases the committee may substitute other courses for GIDN 5910.

Graduate students who wish to minor in Neural and Behavioral Sciences should consult with one of the members of the committee: Professors Michael K. Rylander (Biological Sciences), James A. Carr (Biological Sciences), Penelope Coates (Cell Biology and Biochemistry), John McGlone (Animal Science and Food Technology), Reid Norman (Cell Biology and Biochemistry), or Shirley Poduslo (Neurology).

Program Courses

GANM 5313. Selected Topics in Cell and Developmental Biology (3:3:0).

GIDN 5910. Integrated Neurosciences (9:8:1).

GPHM 5326. Pharmacology of the Autonomic Nervous System (3:3:0).

GPHM 5337. Neuropsychopharmacology (3:3:0).

GPHY 6314. Membrane Biophysics (3:3:0).

PHIL 5330. Philosophy of Science (3:3:0).

PHIL 5331. Philosophical Psychology (3:3:0).

PSY 5309. Neuropsychological Assessment (3:2:2).

PSY 5353. Seminar in Physiological Psychology (3:3:0).

PSY 5385. Life Span Development: Psychobiological and Cognitive Processes in Aging (3:3:0).

ZOOL 5304. Comparative Endocrinology (3:3:0).

ZOOL 5312. Advanced Animal Behavior (3:3:0).

ZOOL 6320. Comparative Neuroanatomy (3:2:3).

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